Piurowski glad to be at offensive tackle

Former tight end made the move to the offensive line in the offseason and is happy with that decision.

It's still a work in progress, but Caz Piurowski's move from tight end to offensive tackle has been a relatively smooth process.

And as spring practice nears it's halfway mark, Piurowski says that he's glad he made the switch this offseason.

"I like it better. I am enjoying it. I am having a lot more fun," Piurowski said. "I thought I was going to miss getting the ball and getting to make some plays but I am enjoying blocking. I enjoy being down there and really not having anything exciting going on. I actually enjoy how (coach Rick Trickett) conducts his practices.

"He kind of gets on us. During the practice I hate it but afterward I know it's for the better of the team and for the better of myself."

In addition to switching positions, the 6-foot-7 and 280-pounder, who says he'd like to add 10 pounds of muscle before the start of the 2007 season, has had to get used to a new brand of coaching.

No longer is his position coach known for a laid-back nature such as that of FSU tight ends coach John Lilly. Instead, he has traded that in for the well-documented intensity of Trickett.

"Coach Trickett is a different kind of coach than I am used to that I have been around my entire career," Piurowski said. "(It's) a different kind of practice and everything and intensity but that's the way it is for every position with new coaches but I like it so far – it's not too bad. It's a big difference."

Watching Piurowski at practice, it's clear that he still has a lot to learn before reaching his potential at right tackle. But he has shown flashes.

"The terminology is totally different. Just from tackle to tight end and with all the new coaches, the new staff coming in," Piurowski said. "Technique wise it's totally different (that) I am learning also. When I first moved I didn't think that it would be that different but it's totally different.

"I am getting the hang of it, though."

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