Greenlee 'can't wait' to become a Seminole

Standout offensive lineman recently made the trip to Tallahassee to watch practice and came away impressed with his future teammates and position coach.

One of the reasons behind Antwane Greenlee's National Signing Day switch from Georgia to Florida State was the hiring of new offensive line coach Rick Trickett.

The soon-to-be Seminole freshman paid a visit to FSU practices last week and finally got to see his new position coach's in-your-face style.

"He's tough. He's very tough," Greenlee said. "He gets after them a lot. I like him as a coach."

Trickett's desire for all of the Seminole linemen to drop some unneeded weight and be better conditioned has been well documented. Greenlee, who currently weighs around 310 pounds, said Trickett has given him a goal to achieve before leaving Columbus, Ga. for Tallahassee.

"He wants me to run as much as possible and come in weighing about 300 pounds," Greenlee said. "Just be in shape."

The new mindset on the offensive line is already apparent at spring practice. The intensity, tempo and style of which the linemen play has been on display.

While he was visiting his future team at practice, Greenlee listened closely when Trickett barked out orders and even gathered around with the other players each time they huddled to discuss certain plays and situations.

He came away impressed.

"They are actually starting to move the ball right now," Greenlee said. "It seems like they are making it through practice not just trying to making it through practice but actually learning through the process and aren't winded and tired."

For now, Greenlee, who will enroll at FSU in time for the Summer C session, is eager to begin his collegiate career.

"I can't wait. It's taking too long," he said with a smile.

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