Spring photo gallery: Saturday's scrimmage

A look at the Seminole players from last weekend's full scrimmage including shots of Darius McClure, Patrick Robinson (pictured), Xavier Lee, Damon McDaniel and many more.

Damon McDaniel had a good day receiving.

Darius McClure makes a tackle on walk-on receiver Chase Walker.

Rick Trickett and the offensive line.

Jamaal Edwards is working as the No. 2 tailback.

Korey Mangum makes a tackle.

Mister Alexander has been working with the second unit since the injury to Anthony Leon.

Matt Hardrick has moved from guard to left tackle.

Michael Ray Garvin prepares to make a tackle.

Richard Goodman had the defense chasing after him on this play.

McDaniel sprung Xavier Lee for a few extra yards with this crushing block on Roosevelt Lawson.

Antone Smith was...

...tough to catch...

...on Saturday.

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