Player Q&A: 1-on-1 with Anthony Kelly

Redshirt junior linebacker Anthony Kelly's time with the FSU football program has been plagued by injuries. But now healthy, the Daytona Beach native has shed some unneeded pounds and is competing for playing time at linebacker. In this exclusive interview, Kelly talks to about his new coach, weight loss and moving from the middle to the outside. It's been a while since you were healthy. How does it feel to finally be back at practice competing with your teammates?

Anthony Kelly: "It feels real good. I haven't been on the field in a year and a half. I busted my butt in the offseason. I lost a lot of weight and am still losing weight. It just feels good to be back."

ND: You have mentioned before your focus on losing weight in the offseason. How much have you lost?

AK: "I have lost a good bit. I am down to 237 now. I was at like 255. I want to be right around 230."

ND: A lot of attention is paid to all the new offensive coaches now on staff and sometimes the hiring of Chuck Amato is overlooked. How has it been since he took over the linebackers?

AK: "For me it's been real good since he took over because he came in and is taking his time making sure everybody knows what they are doing. The guys that are falling back he makes sure they get extra time. He is doing a good job coaching us."

ND: He has moved you to the Will linebacker spot. How has that transition been?

AK :"It's been a little awkward. I just kind of got the hang of Mike and he switched me. I am still making the adjustments and trying to improve. I will be alright."

ND: Do you feel comfortable at one spot more than the other?

AK: "It don't even matter where he lines me up," Kelly said. "As long as I am on the field."

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