Sims and Edwards continue to fight for No. 2

The backup tailback position is up for grabs and the competition between the two has been one of the more interesting storylines on the Seminole practice fields this spring.

As spring practice nears its end, one question that surrounds the FSU football team is who will be the backup to starter Antone Smith in the backfield?

The Marcus Sims-Jamaal Edwards battle for second-string tailback honors has been one of the many storylines for the team this spring. It's one that will continue to get attention when two-a-days start in August.

"At Florida State there's going to be a lot of competition," Sims told "Me and Jamaal are just working to get a spot on the team and at that second spot on the field. It's just a situation where we are both battling for playing time behind Antone and we are working hard for that.

"We are both friends and it's a good competition."

That competition features two running backs that offer differing styles than that of the slashing Smith.

Both Sims and Edwards are larger and have been constants in goal line drills this spring.

"We are both a little bit bigger than he is and we both have different styles of running," Sims said. "I think that we play a different role in the game than he does. We've got to just keep working hard and keep working on the offense and it will work out."

As for the Sims, the latest in the family of talented Seminole athletes, he is out to prove that he has what it takes to be an integral part in the future of FSU's backfield.

A talented rusher and linebacker at North Florida Christian, some critics have argued that with his size and athletic ability, defense may be where he can make the biggest impact. But one visit to spring practice this season and it's clear that he's not listening to those critics and those that still voice apprehension about his position at FSU are being silenced.

Sims has shown the ability to move the chains, break tackles and carry defenders with him while toting the football.

"I don't let the doubters get to me because everyone has their own opinions on things," Sims said. "I am going to be me regardless of what is said and I am going to keep working hard and get better at everything I need to get better at.

"Whatever I can do to make myself better as a running back I am going to do."

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