Moffett working on staying focused

When he's keyed in, junior defensive end is one of the more talented defenders FSU has. But staying attentive on every play hasn't been a given.

If you take a look over the practice reports this spring, one name that consistently appears is that of Neefy Moffett.

The junior defensive end has been responsible for several standout plays for the duration of spring and is pushing hard for more and more playing time each time the Seminoles take the fields.

But for as much as Moffett does to get his name in the reports, he is still working hard to avoid the problems that affected his play last season.

"Last year I was still young and I used to take plays off," Moffett said. "This year I am trying to get it so I don't take any plays off. I know personally that I have a long ways to go so I have to continue to work to where I need to be."

Moffett revealed to reporters that his issue comes down to an easily identified problem: boredom on the gridiron.

"I get bored out there. Just going against the same person play over and play over," he said. "I just get lackadaisical sometimes. I just have to learn to get better playing against no matter who I am going against. Challenge myself instead of trying to beat the man in front of me."

This season, Moffett is one of the veterans on the defensive line and will be asked to contribute mightily. He even has the opportunity to earn starting honors if he remains focused.

Maintaining that attention to what is going on out on the field is key to the defense as Moffett has proven that he can be a playmaker when he wants to be. It's something that defensive ends coach Jody Allen is working closely with him on.

"He just works with me to try to get me to not be lazy. Not lazy but getting bored," Moffett said. "He keeps me working so I am always thinking about something."

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