Coach Q&A: Bowden on the spring game

FSU head coach talks about the day's happenings, the quarterback battle, areas of concern, injuries and more.

Opening statement:

"I thought we culminated a good spring. I thought we had a good spring. I saw a whole lot of improvement out of a lot of boys and that's what you want. I think that we can take the 14 days of practice that we've had, plus this game today and then decide, going into the fall, how to line them up. That's what we'll try to do. I'll let the coaches put on my desk their three-deep and that's the way we'll go into the fall. I thought it was a good spring. I thought De'Cody (Fagg) had a good scrimmage today. Another guy that's come out real well the last week has been (Neefy) Moffett. I think he had big plays out there today but he's really caught my attention a lot lately. Everette Brown still gives us a good rush from his side and there was some pretty good hitting out there out there and some good football plays so I think it's a good starting place to get ready for the fall."

On the state of the offense:

"It's coming along. No doubt about it, it's coming along. We're making some plays. The quarterbacks made strides, some kind of struggled today. From where I was, watching Xavier (Lee), he was making good decisions, then he'd rush his throw and miss it. Now you've got to solve that one. You've got to scrimmage over and over and over until they get used to that heat.

On the quarterback battle between Xavier Lee and Drew Weatherford:

"I thought they did okay. They made some mistakes but I thought they did some good things. The competition is what you want. You want the competition. They'll continue to compete for the job."

On the good things this spring:

"Antone (Smith) had a good spring. (Neefy) Moffett had a good scrimmage. Some good things out there are happening. The fullbacks are blocking pretty darn-gone good."

On the play of the offensive line:

"It's made progress. The big thing is that they've made progress and that's all you can ask. You hope that out of this that you can piece together one good strong offensive line, one good strong defensive line. I think the defense had four potential starters out today but I thought they did pretty darn-gone good under the circumstances too."

On how the offense has responded to new offensive coordinator Jimbo Fisher:

"I think they've responded real well. I think they're excited, all of them, from receivers, to the line, to backs and quarterbacks, I think they've all responded real well. I think they like what they're doing."

On what disappointed him in the spring game:

"I'll tell you what, what was the bleakest thing of the day was our field goal kicking. We had one of two blocked. Then we missed too many of them."

On the biggest question mark other than the quarterback battle heading into the fall:

"The biggest question mark is are they willing to improve? We'll have to improve. We've made improvement during the spring, there's no doubt about it. Nearly every individual has gotten better but now we have to say, that's not good enough. We've got to get better. So that's the big thing we'll be pushing in the fall."

On what the defense needs to improve on:

"I know there's a million things when you look at the film that they need to improve on probably the biggest thing is errors, lining up the wrong way or using the wrong technique. I think most of the negatives come from penalties, busted assignments, busted alignment, missed tackles and things like that and that's what you've got to get better at. "

On the spring coming to a close and where the team is now:

"There's not as many questions to be answered for the fall as there was when we started spring training. The main thing is new coaches familiarizing themselves with these new guys and how they're buying in to what you're trying to tell them. I think the kids are trying to buy in.

On injuries:

"I think overall this spring, that we were fortunate in regard to injury. Boy, that's something you face every spring and every fall. We had too many guys that missed because of an injury. They couldn't help it, they had operations in January but that's the way football is nowadays."

On the good turn out of Seminole fans at the game:

"I thought it was real good. It really helps. It had a game-type atmosphere. The type of scrimmage we had was probably better for us, than it was for the crowd. They didn't know what we were trying to accomplish a lot of the time so it was probably better for us."

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