Prospect Q&A: Thomas talks about his decision

"I had dreams as a kid with my FSU jersey on scoring touchdowns." Why did you decide to commit to Florida State?

Jermaine Thomas: A lot of reasons, really. My dad, step-dad, mom and step-mom helped me do a lot of research. Things like depth chart, coaches, length of coaching tenures, stuff like that. FSU just had a lot of positives. With Jimbo Fisher coming from LSU, you know he is one of the best OCs in the nation. Everyone wanted him. He is coming in making changes. With Dexter Carter - you know he played for the 49ers - and I just want to learn from him so he can take me to the next level. With (Lawrence) Dawsey, he had a realtionship with my father from the past. I have a great relationship with him. You know I had dreams as a kid with my FSU jersey on scoring touchdowns.

ND: For those who aren't familiar with you, what do you bring to the table as a running back?

JT: What tools, man. I have great open field ability, one-on-one I don't think a linebacker can get me. I have excellent hands and I can cut back real well. Plus, I have great breakaway speed. I feel that I got it all.

ND: How does it feel playing with Nigel Carr and possibly Avis Commack at FSU?

JT: It would be just a privilege. All three playing on the same team, wearing the 'Nole jerseys. It's something we all have dreamt about.

ND: Are you still planning on visiting schools, or are you 100 percent committed.

JT: I would have to say I am 100 percent committed. All of the research I did, its just where I want to be.

ND: Are you going to any camps this summer?

JT: I am just going to wait and see what the coaches want me to do, see what schedule they want me on.

ND: How are your grades?

JT: My grades are fine. My parents keep me in line making sure my grades are good. Its grades first then football.

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