Propsect Q&A: Darius Morgan on Florida State

Citra North Marion High wide receiver talks wih about his recruitment, his relationship with another North Marion product, Greg Carr, and much more. Describe yourself as a player.

Darius Morgan: I am a leader. I don't want to follow people, I want people to follow me. It wasn't always that way, but I am trying to make positive changes.

ND: What do you feel you need to improve on?

DM: Actually, I was just on checking that out before you called. They say I need to work on my route running and explosiveness. I agree with the route running. I really need to work on that. I feel I am straight with everything else.

ND: How many offers are you at right now?

DM: About 12. Maybe a little bit less. My coaches are handling my recruiting right now.

ND: Do any stick out?

DM: Well, it was crazy for a while. I was getting a lot of calls and all. But it has kind of died down. I don't know if they are just giving me a break or what.

ND: Has FSU officially offered you?

DM:I am not sure. I am not sure yet.

ND: Do you have interest in FSU?

DM: Who doesn't? One thing that sticks out to me is do I feel welcome? At FSU I feel real welcome and I can really see myself there. I think I fit in with the people there. Of course Bobby Bowden is there. He is a great man. My coach tells me it would be a honor to play for him and there is a reason moms and players get along with him.

ND: What coaches from FSU are recruiting you?

DM: I was hearing from them a lot early. Jody Allen has spent a lot of time with me on my few visits there. He talks to me, my mom and my sister when I go there. I would say he is my primary recruiter.

ND: Has Greg Carr been selling FSU to you?

DM: He was early. We call each other "bro" because we are like brothers. He told me that the same coaches that recruited him will come get me once my grades are in order.

ND: What are you looking for in a school besides comfort?

DM: Academics first. I want to make sure coaches make me go to class and that coaches graduate you.

ND: Do you have any summer plans?

DM: I plan on going to every camp I am invited to. Give me a few weeks notice and some directions, I am there. I hope to start some officials too.

ND: Do you have 5 officials set yet?

DM: I know fore sure Tennessee, the other four I am not sure about now.

ND: Would you say Tennessee is your favorite?

DM: No, they were my first offer. They aren't my leader. I want to see what they have to offer and what they put on the table.

ND: When do you plan on deciding?

DM: No idea. My coach tells me it may be best to commit now while all of these coaches are on me. But right now I want to work on grades. I don't have any idea.

ND: Any testing planned?

DM: I took the ACT four weeks ago, but I don't have my score back yet. I have a 2.8 GPA right now.

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