E.J. Manuel breaks it down

Talented Virginia quarterback talks with NoleDigest.com about his recruitment, trimming his list of schools, his relationship with Deion Walker, where the Seminoles stand and much more.

NoleDigest.com: A lot of people are talking about your performance at the Elite College Combine performance. How do you feel about that?

E.J. Manuel: I think I did pretty well. I had fun, and thats what I wanted to do. It was a blessing to go out there and perform. I went out there with my coaches and my father. I wanted to show people what I got. People have their own opinions on who the best QB in this class is, and I just wanted to, and I think I changed some peoples opinions.

ND: Where do you stand right now in regards to recruiting?

EM: Man, I am just taking it easy right now. I have other things to worry about. I have my team to worry about, you know. I don't want to forget about them and what we are trying to do. I am a leader for them and I don't want to forget about them. I am just relaxed with it right now.

ND: Have you made any plans for the summer yet?

EM: I have some visits lined up, but I haven't told the coaches yet because I am not sure of the dates. When school is over my dad and I are going to get in the car and go. We are definelty going to check out FSU, and schools I am intrested in along the way like Maryland and Alabama.

ND: NoleDigest.com just did an update recently with Deion Walker. He discussed the relationship you guys have. Care to speak on that?

EM: We are the best of freinds. I am not really sure how we became friends, really. We just started talking and we wanted the same things like winning a championship to get some rings on our fingers. He is just one of my good buddies. We talk just about everyday. At first we had a race on who can get the most offers, but I had to call it off once he started pulling ahead. Hopefully we go to the same school. Some schools like Maryland and Oregon are recruiting us as a tandem. I think FSU may be too.

ND: Are you guys a package deal?

EM: Oh, no man. If I like some place that Deion doesn't, I am OK with that. I don't want him to go somewhere he isn't happy. I am looking at schools that can use a great reciever like him. I think we have 15 offers from the same school.

ND: Any schools sticking out right now?

EM: No. I am cutting my list to 10 on May 16th. After school is over June 14th, my dad and I will start traveling.

ND: Any recruits still calling you?

EM: They are texting still. My phone has been blowing up. I am happy for the guys after me that don't have to deal with this (meaning the ban on texting). I kind of get tired of it. I mean, I know it is the coaches job, and I respect that. But soemtimes I just want to get my homework done and not have my phone blowing up. I don't want to sound like a nerd, but sometimes I just want to get my work done, you know.

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