Prospect Q&A: Patrick Neumann

Montvale, N.J. offensive lineman Patrick Neumann doesn't say much but it's his ability on the field that is attracting college coaches. The St. Joseph Regional High standout recently garnered his frst two scholarship offers from Florida State and Boston College. In this exlusive interview with, he talks about what he likes about the Seminoles, his thoughts on Rick Trickett and more. You recently attended a combine in NJ that led to some big offers. Can you speak on that?

Patrick Neumann: It went pretty well. I got offered 2 or 3 days after the combine. It felt pretty cool.

ND: Who were the offers from?

PN: Florida State and Boston College.

ND: Do you have any other offers right now?

PN: No, just the two.

ND: Are you hearing from any other schools?

PN: My coach tells me Maryland is very interested. My coach is helping me with recruiting right now.

ND: Do you have any interest in FSU?

PN: I have interest in both FSU and BC, really. FSU has good academics and it's a great football school.

ND: Who is recruiting you at FSU?

PN: Coach (Rick) Trickett. He is a nice guy.

ND: Do you have an idea when you plan on deciding?

PN: Not sure really. I just plan to talk to my coach and my family.

ND: Are there any schools that stick out to you?

PN: I am open to go anywhere in the country.

ND: For those who aren't familiar with you as a player, what makes you stand out?

PN: I am smart, tough, quick and strong. Just my toughness, which a coach can't teach. I don't like to lose. I can't be a part of losing.

ND: What are you looking for in a school?

PN: Academics, campus environment and the football team.

ND: Finally, what are your measurments right now?

PN: I am 6'6", 265 pounds. I have a 315-pound bench, and I squat like 450-475 pounds.

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