E.J. Manuel set for FSU visit in late June

Maryland quarterback is trying to narrow his list down from his top 10 and that means taking visits. So where do the Seminoles stand in his recruitment and what does he think of Florida State's class so far as he prepares to travel to Tallahassee?

NoleDigest.com: How is recruiting going for you?

E.J. Manuel: It has slowed down a little bit. There aren't that many coaches coming around to the school since I announced my top 10. I recently got offers from UF, Purdue and Illinois. I think it would be fair to myself that I consider these new offers, see what they have to offer as a school. But none have moved into my top 10. They have to earn a spot.

ND: There have been reports that you have set a date for your FSU visit. Is that true?

EM: Yes sir, it is true. I am going to be there either the 20th or 21st of June. My mom, dad and grandmother will be going with me. My coach has been helping me a lot. He is the one who gives me the letters and all. He is like a fatherly figure with this. He is a good coach and I trust that he won't give me any bad information. I have also set up one visit for UNC this weekend. I know I want to check out a local school like Maryland soon, too. My coach gave us a week off before our summer program, so I would like to get my visits done before then. I have an idea where I want to go right now, but I don't want to put that out yet.

ND: Who's recruiting you now from FSU?

EM: I am getting the full-court press from FSU, as well as all of my other top 10 schools. I spoke to Coach (John) Lilly last night and Coach (Jimbo) Fisher this morning. We just spoke to see how each was doing, as well as some of the recruits that FSU is bringing in.

ND: Speaking of that, what are your thoughts on the class FSU has brought in so far?

EM: I pay attention to the schools I am looking at. It's not going to impact my final decision, but I like to see the quality of players each is bringing in. As far as FSU, it really looks like their class is coming together really well. The class is looking great. I know they got a bunch of kids from Florida and a few good ones from Pennsylvania. Their class is probably going to get a lot better, too.

ND: Do you still speak to recruits?

EM: Yeah, I am friends with a lot of people. It's not really a "we need you thing," just friendships. I speak to Darrell Scott, Nigel Carr, Nigel Bradham, Vince Williams, Nick Moody, C.J. Holton - all of the FSU commits really - Julio Jones from Alabama, Brice Butler from Georgia and my boy Demetrius Byrd from LSU.

ND: How did it feel being named to the Elite 11 camp?

EM: It was awesome. I felt proud and honored. When Brian Stump called me I was happy. I had a huge smile on my face. I am excited to go. It's nice. After the Elite 11 I am just going to take it easy and make sure I get my visits done.

ND: What are your plans on making an anooucnement?

EM: I'm not sure yet. I am the type of kid that doesn't like all of the exposure. now when I go out, people know who I am and want to know what I am doing as far as college goes. If the TV thing is set up, I'd do it. I have always wanted pull out a hat and all, but I will let the coaches know first then go from there.

ND: Some recruiting services have you ranked as a five-star QB, and one of the top three at that position in the nation. How does that feel?

EM: It feels great. No offense, but I feel that Scout has me a little under the radar, but that is okay. It just makes me work harder at my game. It's really the opinions of those running the site. I was just happy these services gave me a chance to compete at these camps. It allowed me to get my name out there. When I was named that, I walked around with this smile on my face.

-Manuel reports that going into this year his GPA was 2.971, but after a year of Honor Roll, it is up to a 3.2 or 3.3. He reports a 1050 on the new SAT format, and states that that score makes him fully qualified.

-Manuel has thought about graduating early and becoming an early enrollee, but the program he is in at his school won't allow that to happen.

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