Does No. 1 prospect like FSU? 'Definitely'

Arthur Brown,'s top player for the 2008 class, shares the latest with How is recruiting going for you right now?

Arthur Brown: I am in the process of settling down. I am starting to really look at some of these schools because I plan on taking some unofficials soon. From July 18th to July 26th I am taking a down south trip to visit 10 or 12 schools. The schools I plan on checking out are LSU, UF, FSU, Miami, Georgia, Georgia Tech, Arkansas, Ole Miss, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State. There are a few more, but I can't remember. I want to take these unofficials so I can get a better view of the schools so I can start setting some apart.

ND: How does it feel to be's No. 1 ranked prospect?

AB: It feels great. It's an honor to be ranked that high with all of these high schools kids. It's really a blessing.

ND: What skills do you feel make you stand out?

AB: My quickness and my speed. I have good agility, too. I feel that I can read what the lineman is going to do pretty well. That's about it.

ND: How many offers are you at right now?

AB: You know, I get asked this all of the time and I am not real sure to be honest. I have never kept track. I am probably over 50 right now. I do get a ton of mail a week. I probably get 30 or 40 letters per week.

ND: Do you have interest in FSU?

AB: Definitely. I just need to check them out and see the comfort level I have with the coaches, just like I do with all of the other schools. Right now I am being recruited by Coach (John) Lilly.

ND: Besides comfort, what are some of the things you are looking for in a school?

AB: One thing that will have an impact is the other recruits they are bringing in. I want to come in with good players and great athletes. I want them to want to work hard like I do and want to win a National Championship. I havn't spoken to any recruits yet, but I plan on soon so I can start getting an idea where they stand.

ND: How has your relationship with Kamerion Wimbley affected this process?

AB: He is just telling me ways I can decide on the school I want to go to. He hasn't spoken to me about specific schools.

ND: So right now would you say you are wide open?

AB: Yes. I don't know a lot about a lot of schools. I have never been a big fan of watching the game, I have just liked playing it. I started playing ball in the second grade. I didn't follow any schools growing up. I just need to educate myself on these schools.

-Arthur is reporting that he has a 2.97 GPA and that he is taking the SAT in June.

-Stay tuned to for an update with Arthur before he heads out on his trip down south to visit FSU.

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