New opportunity, new number for Lee

A lot of things have changed for Xavier Lee since he started against Wake Forest last season and he spoke with the media about some of it on Friday.

On how offseason workouts are going one week in:

Xavier Lee: "It's going well. Everyone is pushing themselves to the limit. I think everyone is doing a good job of interacting with the guys and pushing it to the limit. Seeing how far we can dig deep in ourselves and become champions."

On the attitude that new strength and conditioning coach Todd Stroud brings to the team:

XL: "He's very disciplined and very straight forward with us but he's having fun and joking around with the players. He is real positive."

On the difference in workouts from his previous years:

XL: "A lot has changed. My expectations on the season … last season I knew Drew was definitely the starter. Now it's still between me and him. I am trying to do everything in between athletics to try to get better. (I'm not) going out anymore. I'm just trying to stay focused on what's important now."

On his changed work ethic:

XL: "It's definitely sunk in. I'm just trying to focus a lot more and work a lot harder personally to just push my self to the limit. I am making strides every week."

On the differences in what Stroud focuses on compared to Jon Jost:

XL: "He's making us build muscle and endurance not so much muscle mass. We are doing a lot more reps than we used to do which in turn gives us more stamina so I think it's going to help us out in the long run get more endurance when it comes around to overtime and the fourth quarter we will can beat them out and still have energy to go."

On if there are any new muscles hurting this year after the workouts:

XL: "I would say lower back because of a lot of the stuff we are doing. I guess a lot of people's lower backs are bothering them. We are doing a lot of hamstring stretches, too."

On if it's true he is changing from jersey No. 9 to No. 1:

XL: "Yep. Back to the high school days."

On how he got the number because a lot of players wanted it:

XL: "I guess I had seniority. I am glad (to) go back to where I started."

On a new season, new coach, and new number:

XL: "It's a new year. It's a new everything."

With a new jersey number, FSU fans hope Lee can experience the
same success achieved the last time he wore No. 1.

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