Letroy Guion: 'I'm very, very sore right now'

Summer workouts are one week in and, like his teammates, the talented defensive tackle is feeling it. Guion recently spoke with the media about the changes to the workout routine, Todd Stroud's influence and much more.

On how things are going through one week of summer workouts:

Letroy Guion: "It's going great, man. Trying to get ready for the season. Building a little mass. Trying to go forward (and) get ready for this upcoming September."

On how things are different this year:

LG: "A year ago it was kind of different. Coach Jost had us doing a little different type of workout. Coach Stroud came in with a lot of reps. A lot of power reps so we can build our body up."

One what the defensive linemen are doing on their own this summer:

LG: "I do a little extra stuff in the weight room. After workouts I do curls and triceps and stuff like that so I can build a little extra. On Wednesdays we go out after we do our conditioning we do a little one-on-one pass rush just to keep our legs going."

On putting in extra work:

LG: "If I lift a little more (and) work out a little more I can go out there get a little stronger and go out there and toss (offensive linemen) around even more than I did last year."

On being sore:

LG: "Every muscle is hurting this year. Coach Stroud really has us working hard. I am very, very sore right now. Hopefully my body can catch up and I can get on a steady pace."

On new strength and conditioning coach Todd Stroud coming in:

LG: "He's not too demanding but he takes things very seriously. He expects us to take things very seriously. You can tell by looking at him that he don't bite his tongue. Whatever he says is going to go."

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