Antone Smith: 'I am loving it right now'

For a player known for his work ethic, the renewed focus of summer workouts and the influence of coach Todd Stroud is right up his alley.

What is your offseason approach?

Antone Smith: "I am really approaching this off-season like I always have. Just coming in working hard just trying to get better and at the same time trying to help my team out. Especially the guys around me … the biggest thing is going to be staying healthy and just doing the small things."


AS: "My expectations are just stay healthy. That's one of the things that you can't control; getting hurt. I am just going to come out everyday and work hard. If I go down, I am going to go down fighting. That's all I am going to say about that."

So you put more emphasis on the team than on personal numbers.

AS: "I am always going to stay humble regardless of other stuff. Anything else I am just going to stay humble. If it's supposed to happen it's going to happen. Only God knows what's going to happen."

Do you ever think about getting 1,000 yards?

AS: "I think the fans really do deserve to see a guy run for 1,000 yards being that Warrick Dunn was the only guy to do it since maybe like '96. Leon and Booker came close in their sophomore years. It will be a big pleasure for me to do that but if I do it I do it."

How different is it with Todd Stroud in charge?

AS: "It's wonderful. He's definitely came in and everybody is really buying into (it). He's a great coach. He's out here teaching us the basics of the weight room but he's coming out here emphasizing little small stuff how you are running and how you should stand and stay low."

We've been told there is a new emphasis on conditioning and running.

AS: "I love it. That ain't no thing to me. I may be winded for two or three seconds and ready to go again. Like I said, I train all year for stuff like this. It's not going to be has hard as it is for other guys but I will be ready for it. Coach Stroud is doing a good job right now. I am loving it right now."

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