Budd Thacker ready to take some names

No. 72 is fighting for playing time at defensive tackle and he recently spoke with the media about some of the changes this off-season.

You have a big smile on your face coming off the field. Having fun out there?

Budd Thacker: "The running, the conditioning, getting ready for next season that's all fun to me. Getting ready to go out there and take some names next year that is fun."

What are some of the differences in the weight-lifting routine for the players?

BT: "We are doing a lot more intense stuff like less reps more (and) volume. We are trying to get the body more up to working for longer periods. Like the 4th quarter basically. A lot of different stuff.

Do you like that routine?

BT: "Oh yeah. I have been doing that my whole life.

You and your teammates look like you still have some energy coming off the field.

BT: "That's a great thing. That means we need to step up a notch (and) turn up the volume next time. That's the way I see it. We need to turn up the volume a little bit more ... maybe add four or five more 110s to the schedule next week. We are here to put Ws on the board."

What are the differences between this summer and last?

BT: "Last summer we finished up with 16 110s. Today we are coming out starting with (110s) so I am guessing by the end of the summer we should be finishing up about 26 or 30. Hopefully that will be easy money."

How does Todd Stroud handle things with you guys?

BT: "I know he previously actually played the game so he has had experience. I know that kind of relates to us players a lot better where I think Coach Jost didn't play the game but Coach Stroud, he really communicates with the players a lot better. We talk to him a lot on and off the field and in the weight room or when we are supposed to be with him."

Brian Coulter is already on campus, what do you think of the newest addition to the defensive line?

BT: "He is definitely in shape. He is definitely ripped. I definitely notice that. For a guy just coming in I was pretty surprised. He is looking good. Him and A.J. (Ganguzza) also. I know A.J. got up here a little bit early and he's looking pretty damn good himself."

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