Geno Hayes stepping into leadership role

Junior linebacker is the only returning starter at his position.

What's it like being the only returning starter at linebacker out here at summer workouts? Are you stepping into the leader role?

Geno Hayes: "It's really nothing because the guys around we all know each other real well so the leading part is really going to be nothing because they are going to follow who they want to follow. If they feel like I am a leader then they will follow me but right now ... we are all together. I have to step up because we lost LT and Buster and I am the only one that came back that has started in the group.

How's your knee?

GH: "My knee is feeling good. It's nearly 100 percent now."

Are you limited at all?

GH: "No not at all. Everything is going good. One-hundred percent."

What are the main differences between this summer and last?

GH: "Well, not taking anything away from Coach (Jon) Jost. But they bring in Coach (Todd) Stroud the new strength and conditioning coach from NC State and he has came out and everybody has came along with his program. Everybody is following along with what he is doing. Right now the intensity level is way up. Everybody is working hard, busting their butt and it's going good right now."

What about the running?

GH: "The running is totally different. Last year we started off eight or so at five then three 50 yards. Now we just go straight into 110s and it's intense because you just come right off weekends and it's straight running."

Have you paid attention to how strong of a start that FSU has in recruiting this year?

GH: "I really believe that it's because of the changes they made in the coaching staff. They brought in Jimbo then they brought in Coach Carter and Coach Trickett. So a lot of people are going to see that it's going to be a big change at Florida State and I guess a lot of people want to follow that to see what's up with it. And this year is really going to be the thing that will tell what's going to happen."

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