After visit, where does FSU stand w/ Patchan?

Florida State hosted one of the nation's premier offensive tackles over the weekend and has the latest on five-star prospect Matt Patchan.

How was your visit to FSU?

MP: It went well. I spoke to all of the coaches. I met Bobby Bowden. That was extremly cool. We saw the facilities. It is set up nice. Doak is a very nice stadium.

Did you meet coach Trickett?

MP: Yes I did. It went real good too. He is a special coach. His deminor and accent are different. He is a great coach.

You also visited UF this weekend too?

MP: Yes, sir. We did the the same stuff as we did at FSU. We met the coaches, hung out some with Coach Meyer, met some academic advisors and met some of the players. Both visits were good and I had a good time.

Where are you with recruiting right now?

MP: I have a top 8 of UF, FSU, Miami, Notre Dame, Ole Miss, LSU, Auburn and Georgia. I am trying to see and get all of the info I can to ensure I make the right and most educated decision. I have visited the majority of these schools. I am planning on checking out Georgia, Miami, Aunurn and maybe Notre Dame if possible over the summer.

Do you have a decision time frame?

MP: Well, I plan on graduating early, so I need to get my visits done by then. I may take anywhere from three to five officials.

What interest you most about FSU?

MP: Coach Trickett is there. He is one of the better OL coaches in the nation. His record and what he has done really speaks for itself. Also, I talk to Coach Dawsey. Both are great coaches.

As a player, what makes you stand out?

MP: My effort. I will give more effort than anyone.

Did you speak to any other recruits?

MP: Yeah, I talk to kids. I met E.J. Manuel this weekend and got his number. I also met Nigel Bradham, he is a real powerful kid. I got his number too. I also speak to a few other recruits. Hopefully the school I choose brings in good players.

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