Undecided 5-Star's Last Trip

Five star quarterback E.J. Manuel from Bayside High in Norfolk, Va., took his last unofficial visit before making his announcement this week. Find out more in this NoleDigest.com update.

Compared to your other visits, where did this one stand?

EM: All of my visits had a family feel, especially at Florida State. They have a tight-nit group, and that's something I have been looking for. They made me really feel the love there. I met with Bowden and TK. I just saw everything that I needed to see.

You have said this visit would clear things up for you? How is that?

EM: Well, FSU was a very important visit for me. I kind of have had an idea of where I wanted to go, and this visit took care of that.

Did you hang out with any players and/or recruits?

EM: Myron Rolle. I met him Saturday. I look up to him a lot. I like him a lot. We kind of became friends that day. I also met Nigel Bradham and CJ Holton in person. We have been talking through texts, but I finally got to meet and hang with them. I also hung out with Matt Patchan and William Green. We all had a good time, just hanging around the campus. I also spoke to my boys Avis (Commack) and Nigel Carr, as well as Nick Moody, Vince Williams and Moses McCray. They called me from the BBQ to see how my visit was going. I actually just got off of the phone with Nigel and Avis about 20 minutes ago just to say what's up.

What are your opinions on the campus itself?

EM: It's awesome. Florida State is one of the nicest I have seen. Along with FSU there is FAMU and TCC. They showed me the engineering facilities there because I think that is what I want to major in. I went to the locker room and into Doak. It's very nice.

How did your face-to-face with Jimbo Fisher go?

EM: He told me I need to come in and compete. No matter were I go I am not going to be handed the job. That's what I want, is to compete. I am a competitor. When I come there X (Xavier Lee) and Drew will be RS-Seniors, so I can take a year and learn from them. After that I would be competing with (Christian) Ponder and D'Vo Richardson. It would be a good situation for me.

What is the plan with your press conference?

EM: The final 10 schools are under consideration, but I know where I am going. It got pushed back to 5:30 on Wednesday. I am doing it at my high school because I want my teammates around when I do it. It's just not about me. They are a part of this too.

Finally, what did your parents think of the visit?

EM: They had a great time at FSU, as well as the other schools they visited. We had a lot of fun with the coaches and they showed the love to each other with hugs and all.

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