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Milford Brown has been busy the past few weeks visiting NFL teams, and his professional career may begin sooner than later. Check out the details as Brown, in New England this weekend, chats with TheTerritory.The NCAA Student-Athlete Reinstatement Subcommittee ruled in August that Brown had already completed his NCAA eligibility and could no longer compete in NCAA events.

Milford Brown's NFL career may start sooner than later.

Brown, who flew from Tallahassee to Providence, R.I., Friday afternoon, had a scheduled workout with the New England Patriots. Brown also has visited the Cleveland Browns and is expected to be in New Orleans early next week. The NFL's supplemental draft is Friday, which could propel Brown into the professional ranks.

"It's going great," Brown told TheTerritory Friday before leaving to visit the Patriots. "It's all going to work out, and I am excited about everything. I am feeling pretty good about what's happening."

Brown, a 6-foot-4, 316-pounder, started all 12 games for the Florida State Seminoles last season after transferring from East Mississippi Junior College. However, Brown was ruled ineligible prior to the season-opener against Iowa State. The NCAA Student-Athlete Reinstatement Subcommittee ruled that Brown had already completed his NCAA eligibility and could no longer compete in NCAA events.

The committee ruled that Brown was a full-time student at Alabama State in the fall of 1997 and that his five-year eligibility window for NCAA competition began at that time and ended with the completion of the 2001 season. NCAA staff member Rich McGlynn contacted FSU Associate Athletic Director Bob Minnix with the committee's findings.

Brown remains enrolled at FSU, according to university officials. He flew with the team to Kansas City for the Seminoles' opening victory over the Cyclones.

FSU had hoped for a favorable ruling, though Brown's case wasn't clear cut. FSU officials confirmed there was a discrepancy involving Brown's records. Alabama State's position was that Brown was a part-time student during the 1997 fall semester. However, there also was a transcript from Alabama State that shows Brown was a full-time student, according to Minnix. Due to the conflicting records, the NCAA ruled against Brown.

Brown told The Territory during preseason drills a psychology class was at issue. Brown said the class was on his schedule but he never attended it.

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