Player Q&A: Kenny Ingram is back (Part 1)

It's been over a year but the 6-foot-6 safety is back with the Florida State football program after spending time at East Central Community College in Mississippi. Recently, Ingram spoke to the media about his return. The following is part one of that conversation.

Q: How does it feel for you to actually be back out here?

Kenny Ingram: It feels good to be out here. It felt good out here at first, but those 18 110's got to me. It feels good to be back with the team, you know getting back to know everybody. I'm happy to be out here.

Q: What's the transition going to be like for you? You've been away for a year and there's been a lot of changes here on the staff.

KI: The new system is — actually I like the new system. Biggest thing that's going to be hard for me is getting the plays back down. I've been watching film and stuff but the hardest things is going to be getting the plays. The conditioning is going to come because as you can see they got us out there. (Learning the plays) that's going to be the hardest thing.

Q: Now you're staying at free (safety)?

KI: Yeah, I'm staying at free.

Q: So you've got an opportunity for a lot of playing time so a little bit more pressing need for you to get acclimated quickly?

KI: Yeah, it's going to be hard but I mean at the same time it's something that I want, that I've been striving for. So me and Roger (Williams) and a bunch of other guys, they've been trying to help me get back into it. So it's going to come around good.

Q: Do you feel almost as you're starting from scratch and the first round doesn't count at this point?

KI: Yeah, you're going to have people looking at it like I'm starting from scratch. But I see it as I'm getting better. As I develop in this game more it's coming to me more easily. Like before learning the plays was a lot harder, but now, I learned a lot of plays yesterday and I'm back on top of it — picking up where I left off.

Q: You were playing last fall in addition to studying up there weren't you?

KI: Yeah, I actually played probably about six of the games up there and then sat out the rest of the games because we had a pretty bad record and they didn't want to get nobody hurt.

Q: But you haven't totally been away?

KI: No I haven't been away. I've been playing, training hard. I know that's been a big thing everybody wants to know if I was going to be in shape, if I was going to be able to play. And I haven't taken anytime off. When they was training, I was training. I mean I haven't been doing hitting like they were hitting, but I was actually training and doing footwork and stuff like that so I've never taken a day off.

Q: You're doing all the 7-on7's?

KI: Yeah, I'm just going to miss today because I got to go pick up my mom, but I've been doing 7-on7's. We did 7-on7's yesterday. Monday we didn't get a chance to get out here because of the lightning, but 7-on-7 yesterday was real good, real good.

Q: These young guys you're going against out here, even from last year and then the freshman this year, who out there is kind of catching your eye?

KI: Like I said yesterday I was out there for a little bit because a lot of guys, we had left for a little bit. But we have a tall, I think about 6'7" receiver (Cameron Wade). He caught my eye because he looks like another Greg Carr. I'm anxious to see what he's going to do.

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