Cameron Wade comes full circle

A year ago the he was at the Bobby Bowden Nike camp in Tallahassee. Now, he is a Seminole.

Q: What is like to finally be here at Florida State?

Cameron Wade: "It's like a dream come true. Being a kid watching Charlie Ward play (for) Florida State just wanting to do what he did. I am here now."

Q: What do you think about the summer workouts?

CW: "I knew it was going to be like this. I came and watched them last year at workouts and knew it was going to be hard."

Q: How has it been making the transition from high school to college?

CW: "It's kind of hard but I can do it. I have to wake up every morning at seven and go to class and then come here at one and work out."

Q: What do you know or have learned about Jimbo Fisher's offense?

CW: "I know he's going to throw the ball a lot more what I did in high school and I am really looking forward to being able to show people that I can catch. I always blocked in high school."

Q: What are your expectations for the year>?

CW: "I want to play first. I hope I don't get redshirted. I am going to work hard so I don't. And if I do then I just have another year. I ain't going to cry about it."

Q: You mentioned blocking. Lawrence Dawsey has got to love that.

CW: "He already told me about that. He has to coach the receivers about how to block a lot but I am already good with that. But I can still be taught more." "You've got to be able to block before you can run a route and catch it. If you can't block you ain't going to be able to catch a pass. You've got to block for your teammates before you can have the ball thrown to you. I know that's very important, blocking."

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