Summer workout photo gallery 1

The Florida State football team has been hard at work this summer on the practice fields under new strength and conditioning coach Todd Stroud. Here's a look at some of the players including exclusive shots of Maurice Harris, Tony Carter (pictured), Michael Ray Garvin, Taiwan Easterling, Greg Carr and many more.

Greg Carr and De'Cody Fagg

Antone Smith

Taiwan Easterling and Bert Reed

Cameron Wade, Carr, Brandon Paul and Chase Walker

Caz Piurowski

Kendrick Stewart and Daron Rose

Darius McClure

Matt Dunham

Everette Brown

D. Fagg

Anthony Leon

Matt Hardrick

Michael Ray Garvin

Toddrick Verdell and Maurice Harris

Christian Ponder

Carr and Richard Goodman

Korey Mangum

Seddrick Holloway

new strength and conditioning coach Todd Stroud

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