P.T. Willis on the Quarterbacks

In this candid interview with TheTerritory, color analyst Peter Tom Willis critiques the play of Florida State quarterback Chris Rix. Willis, a former FSU, NFL and Arena League quarterback and a member of the FSU Sports Hall of Fame, chats about Rix's progress as well as the play of backups Adrian McPherson and Fabian Walker. "The thing I like is he (Rix) was playing with his feet when he threw the ball. I think that's what you want to see out of him," Willis said following FSU's win over Duke.

"I thought Chris played great. I thought Adrian played great. I thought Fabian did a good job, though he didn't play as much. That's what you want to see out of your quarterbacks I feel like.

"Chris played a lot better. The thing I like is he was playing with his feet when he threw the ball. I think that's what you want to see out of him. You want to see him plant his feet, make good decisions and I feel like he did. It's hard to throw real accurately when you are not setting your feet and making good decisions. I give him a lot of credit. He took a lot of criticism but he got got better and made a step in the right direction.

"The thing is, you don't expect him to be Joe Montana all at once but Chris made strides. I thought Adrian looked very good. I thought he sat in there and really zinged the ball around and made some real nice throws. I think our receivers showed how good they are. Hopefully, after watching that game and watching that film, they will realize that every play doesn't have to be a scramble and a throw-away down the field. If you hit some of these guys for five and seven yards, they can turn it into big plays"

"That's why these guys came to school here. They want to touch the ball and they are all great athletes. When you have a quarterback who can make some big plays, you would like to see him make them when he should make them instead of trying to make them all time. I thought Chris did that tonight. I thought he played extremely well, as did Adrian. I thought they both did."

Peter Tom Willis on the QBs before Saturday's game.

"I still think it's the same thing. I think Chris has a ton of ability I just think he's still being inconsistent. I think the thing he has to get better at is going through his progressions and letting the offense coming to him instead of trying to make a play every time. The frustrating thing for me is the fact I really think we have a great team. Have a great team around him on offense. I still think he's trying to do too much and he's not really helping the play happened.

"That's something I realize that he's a redshirt sophomore but he's also... this is his third year and he's started 15 games now and I really feel like we are going to be the team we need to be, then he needs to start doing those things. I think the thing that makes it more frustrating is we have some talented guys over there waiting. I am not saying he shouldn't be the quarterback but I am saying eventually he's got to start doing that or something is going to have to happen. He has the ability to be a great quarterback but right now he's very inconsistent.

"I have to be careful how I say this but I think a lot of times a quarterback who is very gifted athletically does not learn how to play the positon. When I mean that is normally going up through football if you could run you look and if the guy is not open, you take off and make a big play. And sometimes you don't realize, or learn to go through your progressions, read the field, if they take away he deep guys you got two other guys underneath. That's exaclty what he's doing right now."

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