Player Q&A: Bert Reed

True freshman wide receiver talks about summer workouts, learning Jimbo Fisher's offense and much more.

Q: When did it hit you that you were officially a football player for Florida State?

Bert Reed: I think for all the guys it was getting our stuff and feeling like we were part of the team. Just being here coming to this complex and getting our locker room codes and seeing our name on the locker. All that really had a big impact. It was a lot build up to that point and I feel like I am here now, it's time to go.

Q: Some of the guys have said that it's a lot harder in summer workouts than it looks from the outside. Did you feel that way too?

BR: That's exactly what happened to me. I feel like I worked hard all when school was out. I worked hard, trained hard, ran hard. It's just not going to get you ready for what you are going to do here. They are going to put more weight on than you can do just to test you because you are a freshman. It really is a struggle. My toughest thing is being in the weight room. Not the mat drills or the running. I feel like being in the weight room I've got to get a little stronger. I knew I wasn't strong enough but I thought I was strong. Like right now, my incline max is not even on the board so I don't know who to work out with. But s tuff like that, mental things I feel like I've got to get through it in the weight room.

Q: You played quarterback in high school and are now going to be a wide receiver. What do you see your role being with this team?

BR: I feel like the advantage I have of playing quarterback in high school is I feel like I know where receivers should be. And my role, I honestly can't tell you what it's going to be yet. I can just go out there and work hard in 7-on-7. Because we haven't had any meetings with the coaches so I really can't tell you what I am going to be playing yet or the role. I am just going to go out there and play hard right now.

Q: Do you think special teams is the area that you can make the quickest impact?

BR: I think special teams to a certain extent but honestly I have never played special teams. I guess I was a valuable player at my high school so my coaches never let me on the field besides offense. I am really looking forward to catching some balls and seeing if I can do that. I know I can do it I just want to show myself I guess.

Q: What is the transition going to be like for you making the switch from quarterback to wide receiver?

BR: I have never played receiver before. My main thing right now, I know I am fast, it's just the route running and being crisp with the routes."

Q: How has it been learning Jimbo Fisher's offense?

BR: I have been reading my book that they gave us and we haven't really had a conversation with any of the coaches but I feel like it's real simple; it's not too tough. I can understand it and coming from a quarterback I understand the motions. The transition right now hasn't been that tough.

Q: What has Fisher told you about how he sees using you in the gameplan?

BR: He was talking about Early Doucet and running screen passes with LSU. Getting the ball to you quick, stuff like that. Quick screens (and) flare outs.

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