Player Q&A: Brandon Paul

Former Tallahassee Lincoln High star shares his thoughts on officially becoming a Seminole.

Q: What is it like finally being out here at these summer workouts?

Brandon Paul: It's way different. It looks easy when you are watching them do it. Until you go out there and do it yourself that's when all the action is on you. You can't hide anymore.

Q: WHat do you see your role being with this team?

BP: Right now I am working at receiver and special teams is the key. That just comes natural to me. You can kill people with speed. Q: How much did seeing how much last year's team struggle make you want to come in and help out?

BP: That was the big key. I want to get on the field as fast as possible.

Q: What is the biggest challenge you see at playing wide receiver?

BP: It's just about getting the routes down to a tee. You are at a more experienced level now. In high school you could just run a route and catch the ball and score a touchdown. Here you've got to actually run a route perfect because the defense, they know the routes you are going to run. You just have to run it as perfect as you can.

Q: FSU didn't sign one of the better classes in terms of rankings but do you feel like this class really has a chance to make an impact?

BP: Most schools, they recruited big classes of 25-30 people. FSU, they recruited at the most 20 people. They recruited everything that they needed. For them to be recruiting me that was a big thing. They needed speed so they recruited speed and offensive line and a few defensive players.

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