Catching up with 5 Star WR

Brice Butler is the No. 6 ranked wide receiver in the country by and rated five stars. NoleDigest caught up with him this weekend for an update on where his recruitment stands, who is recruiting him the hardest, and the date he plans to announce his decision.

NoleDigest's Nathan Greer caught up with 5 Star Brice Butler for an update on where Florida State stands, who is recruiting him the hardest, and when he is going to make an announcement.

There are rumors going around that you have silently committed to USC. Care to speak on that?

BB: No, it's just a rumor. I have had a few people ask me about that the last few days. The first time I heard that I asked where the person heard it from. People are going to talk about what they want to.

How often are you hearing from FSU?

BB: I hear from them a lot, mostly from Coach Dawsey.

What school(s) are recruiting you the hardest?

BB: LSU is recruiting me the hardest. I talk to a lot of coaches, but as far as hearing from a school everyday, it's LSU.

Are you coming to the Showcase (Florida State prospect camp) on the 21st?

BB: What Showcase? I haven't heard about that. No, I'm not coming down. As far as I know my father isn't either.

Last time we spoke you were thinking about getting down to a final 5. Have you done that yet?

BB: No, not yet. I will eventually. I'm really not sure if I even will. I may just a choose a school from there.

As your announcement approaches, are you getting any pressure to go to a certain school?

BB: People are just trying to promote their school. Georgia fans tell me it would nice to see me as a Bulldog. FSU fans think I am going to follow my dad there. I don't really pay attention to it.

Have you finalized your announcement date?

BB: Yeah, it will be August 1st at my school. FSU will be one of my final schools. Otherwise, I'm not sure what the other schools will be.

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