Will Hill Visit Florida State?

Will Hill, a five star athlete from St.Peter's Prep in Jersey City, NJ, is one of the most sought after prospects in the nation. While he projects as a safety in college, he currently stars at quarterback for his high school team. NoleDigest caught up with Will's coach, Rich Hansen, for the latest news on the New Jersey standout.

How is recruiting going for Will Hill right now?

RH: Nothing really new to report. We are still in the same place and all with the top 8. Right now we are trying to work on our team and what we are wanting to do. The rest will just take care of itself. I do know that on August 13th we are trying to get down to a final 5 schools. I know for sure that Florida, Florida State, USC and Michigan will be in the 5 while the other spot we aren't sure about.

Who is recruiting Will from FSU?

RH: Coach John Lilly we have heard from a lot. He has been here to see him. We also have heard from Chuck Amato and Mickey Andrews. FSU has a great staff and it is a great place. We feel that with the other schools Will has a lot of great options. I do know that FSU excites Will and he holds them in high regard.

Is Will coming down to the Seminole Showcase on the 21st?

RH: I am not real sure. Right now we are trying to get down to Friday Night Lights. We are having problems booking a flight. We are trying to get there Friday morning and leave Friday Night. Right now it is Friday Night Lights or bust.

Is Will still planning an unofficial to FSU this summer?

RH: No, I think the unofficial visits are done. I know for sure that Will is taking an official to FSU.

Is there a decision time frame?

RH: It comes down to the officials. I know that he will visit the schools I mentioned, but I am not sure he will take all 5 officials. Whenever the decision is made, we will go from there.

What is Will looking for in a school?

RH: First is the roster size at his position. He wants to come in and play. Second is the recruiting class and the kids that would be coming in with him. Will wants to win and play for national championships. He is also looking for a place that fits him as a person and as a player. Geography is a concern, as Will is not sure he wants to play all the way on the West coast. All of the options Will has provide a great education.

Please stay tuned to NoleDigest as we continue to follow the recruitment of Will Hill.

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