Breaking Down the New O.C.

New offensive coordinator Jimbo Fisher is under the microscope in his first year with Florida State. Though with a very impressive résumé, here are some of the stats that interest me from Fisher's stint as an OC at several schools.

First, let's start with Fisher's overall record as an OC. Over the course of his career Fisher has managed to amass an overall record of 85-30. This is a pretty impressive record for games in which he was the offensive general. He was an OC for some pretty good head coaches but Bobby is also a pretty impressive head coach so I think his success rate will continue here.

Let's take a look at his offenses at LSU. The year before Fisher took over as the OC LSU averaged 301.7 yards per game. They managed to average 82.5 yards a game on the ground and 219.2 through the air. They also only managed to average 20.3 points per game.

What a difference a year makes with a new OC who is also a quality QB coach. In Fisher's first year as the OC at LSU, with the same starting QB and a new starting RB, he averaged 376.4 yards per game. That is an impressive difference but he also shifted LSU to a more balanced attack averaging 131.1 yards per game on the ground and 245.3 yards passing. The most striking improvement to me was his ability to help his offense find the end zone. His 2000 team improved their scoring average to 26.5 point per game. Imagine how much better the last few years would have been with a simple addition of 6 points per game. I know it is not that simple by the way. Just point out that an extra TD per game would have been huge for FSU the last few years and I think will make the difference this year between winning and losing those close games.

In 2001, with a new starter at QB and a RB by committee he was able to really pour the gas on his offensive system. LSU averaged a whopping 451.5 yard per game! This was the second year Rohan Davey had been exposed to Fisher and his offense and he took the reins and ran with them. Fisher upped the rushing average that year to 153.3 yards a game with an average of 4.1 yards per rushing play. He also added a stellar 298.2 yards a game per the passing game. The most shocking stat is the scoring he added another 4.4 points a game to round the scoring out to an average of 30.9 points per game. The scoring average is amazing and if he can do the same for FSU with the defensive talent we have then the opposition better watch out. The days of the early blow outs will be back.

In 2002, with no clear cut starter at QB the Fisher machine still managed to average 350 yards per game. He split time between two of his quarterbacks for starting time and still managed to put up good numbers. With his young quarterbacks struggling he adjusted his offense and managed to average an impressive 196.9 rushing yards a game to take some pressure off of them. He also pulled out 153.1 yards passing a game. With QB struggles, his average point per game took a hit dropping to 24.8.

Fisher entered the 2003 season with a returning starter at QB and once again got the ball moving in the right direction. He averaged 418.4 yards per game of total offense. With new found confidence in his second year starter at QB he was able to return to his overall balanced attack. LSU ripped out 185.7 yards average per game this time with a 4.4 yard per carry average. He used split time with his RB being in about a 70-30 or 60-40 split.

His QB put up 232.6 average yards per game through the air. Fisher also got his offense to find the end zone again raising his scoring average back to 33.9 yards per game while LSU's defense only allowed 11 points per game that season. LSU also managed to win a NC in 2003. This stat excites me a lot because I think FSU's defense will be that good this year and the offense will give them something to stay excited about.

2004 found Fisher again forced to use a two-headed monster at the QB position. First year starter Russell split time with Marcus Randall. The quarterbacks split pretty equally on their number of pass attempts. Fisher again with not clear cut starter at QB put up great numbers. His total offense averaged a healthy 395.6 yards per game. Again finding himself needing to take pressure off his quarterbacks he grounded out an amazing 193.8 average yards a game rushing with a solid 4.6 yards per carry. His quarterbacks managed to add another 201.8 yards through the air. His young offense again had trouble converting offensive production to points and his scoring average per game dropped to a very respectable 28.7 points.

Fisher started 2005 with a clear cut starter at QB in JaMarcus Russell. While the offense showed improvement in scoring it stayed almost the same effectiveness overall. LSU managed to put up 374.1 yards per game. While the running game in 05 was not as effective as previous years kicking in 150.1 yards per game they still managed a respectable 3.8 yard per carry average. For Russell the light was just starting to come on and he threw for 224 yards a game. The offense did get a slight bump in their overall scoring pushing the number up slightly to 29.5 yards per game.

In 2006, Russell lantern was fully lit with the Fisher fire and the offense once again put up huge numbers. They averaged 417.5 yards per game. 165.8 of those came from the ground game that once again busted their previous yards per carry record under Fisher to a great 4.8 yards per carry. Russell added 251.7 yards through the air but also found pay dirt with 28 passing TDs. The scoring offense rebounded averaging 33.7 point per game. It is easy to see what Fisher can do with a QB who has been in his system for a year or two. He is also very impressive with he has a returning starter to work with.

Overall in his six years at LSU, Fisher's offense has averaged an impressive 398 yards per game. His rushing attack has managed to put up 168 yards per game on the ground and he has never averaged less than 100 yards a game on the ground in any of his OC positions. His runningbacks have averaged a very effective 4.3 yards a carry in his 7 years at LSU. Through the air Fisher has shown success averaging 230 yards a game. His scoring offense has also been very effective averaging 29.7 point a game across his LSU stint. I think all these numbers look great and may just be one of the most exciting and effective offensive schemes FSU has ever put on the field. Granted LSU may have had more talent on offense the last several year but these numbers still speak for themselves. I find it very interesting how well Fisher has maintained his offensive output with first time starters at the QB position. I, again, think this bodes very well for the product we will see on the field when the 2007 season starts.

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