Wells Close To Committing

Keith Wells has two more visits before making his commitment in the coming month of August. Find out more as NoleDigest talks with this Scout.com four-star defensive end prospect out of Georgia.

How is recruiting going for you right now?

KW: It is going pretty well right now. You know, it's crunch time with these schools because they know I am going to be committing soon. They are contacting me a lot and telling me about their school.

Recently you have stated that Florida and Florida State are your top 2. Is that still the case?

KW: Yeah, I would say they are pretty much my top 2, but I still have Georgia Tech, Auburn, North Carolina and Ohio State right there.

Does any school lead out of that group?

KW: I would say that FSU is definitely my number 1 school right now, and the others are all even after that. I used to have Florida as my favorite, but I have seen a few things that Florida was doing that I wasn't impressed with. About 3 weeks ago Florida State took over because they have been consistent throughout. They have a great recruiting class coming in that is only going to get better.

I have never seen FSU, but I will next Saturday. I have heard great things about the campus and the facilities. I have been told when I see them there is no chance I will not come away impressed. Also, I look at the defense and how they play. FSU has had many great defensive players come out of that school.

Would you say FSU has been the most consistent recruiting you?

KW: Not really, but they are out front. I would say that Georgia Tech and Auburn have been the most consistent because I receive a hand-written letter everyday from a coach at those schools. I would say those two are recruiting me the hardest.

What coach(es) are you hearing from at FSU?

KW: Coach (Jody) Allen. We have a pretty good relationship. He texts me everyday and talks to my coach all of the time. My coach is kind of the guy who is handling my recruitment. He often calls my coach checking on my recruitment and what I am thinking. They have frequent contact.

So you are heading to the Showcase?

KW: Yeah, I will be there. I am going to Friday Night Lights too, but I am not participating. I will be participating at the Showcase, though.

When are you making your decision?

KW: In two weeks to a month. When I get back from these camps I want to visit Georgia Tech again. I was supposed to get there today but I couldn't. I also want to eventually visit Ohio State. I am not sure how much time I have though before I make my decision. I have to get up there, though.

When you make your decision, is it solid?

KW: Once I commit, I want it to be final. I want the school to feel confident that I am going to that school. But, I want to see other games and take other visits if necessary. If the school I choose has an away game and another wants me to come, I will. But I will always ask permission from the school I commit to to make sure it is okay with them.

Besides the football aspect, what are you looking for in these schools?

KW: Academics and whether the school has my major. The academic opportunities have to be there for me. Also how the campus looks, comfort and environment. I just need to feel comfortable. Location is a concern because I don't want to be far away from home, but it is not a big factor.

What are the strengths and weaknesses of your game?

KW: I think I can dominate a game. I use my hands real well to get off of blocks. I think I also have good speed off of the edge. I feel I need to work on getting better at stopping the run. I can do it on the high school level; it's easy. But I need to prepare for the college level. I need to work on my technique. I feel right now I am a pass rusher. I need to get more well-rounded. I am the guy who comes in and puts the pressure on the quarterback. Overall I need to look at what I need to be a good college player.

What are your measurables right now?

KW: I am 6'5" and 225 pounds. I really want to get to 240 before I graduate. I know it is going to take a lot of training and eating right. But at this time last year I was 200 pounds, so I know I can do it. Whatever school I choose I am red-shirting so I can work on getting bigger. I want to be at 260 pounds my redshirt-freshman year.

**Keith reports a 3.1 GPA and is waiting on his ACT score. He plans on taking the SAT in the fall.

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