Jerry Rice Q & A

Very rarely does a person get to meet a legend & a future Hall of Famer. Florida State afforded its top prospects with the opportunity to not only meet Jerry Rice but to be coached by the NFL veteran at Saturday's Seminole Showtime.

Rice gave superb instructions to the athletes verbally while also physically demonstrating some of the key concepts he was trying to teach. The campers were analogous to sponges - soaking up every piece of advice offered by Rice. caught up with the Mississippi native to get an inside look at Rice's experience at Florida State University.

(Speaking about Florida State Football)

"Just being in the locker room gave me chill bumps. All these guys are apart of something really special. This is something great just to be apart of."

"It's great to be out here just to run routes again and sign autographs for all the little kids. It's interesting to see some of these faces when they line up across the line of scrimmage their faces are just like "wow". A lot of these guys are young guys and what they have heard about me and my work ethic really impresses them. It's fun when you get around working out with kids and pass on that knowledge and let them know you are a poster kid for work ethic and being professional. Coming to work and taking everything seriously is important."

A lot of rising juniors and seniors out here talk about the level of an athlete now compared to yours days:

"It's so much different; so much better. Technology is different now these athletes have a great opportunity now. I was watching these kids running routes. One kid is 6'4, can make plays, what I like about him is that he finished."

Is this your first time at the campus?

"Yes this is my first time, and I'm hoping to come back during the season and check these guys out. A lot of these guys are surprised that I came all the way over here just to hang out."

You said you had chills going through the locker room what was it like?

"Yeah it's because of all the legends. All the guys who won the Heisman and they put so many guys in the NFL. Mississippi Valley State was nothing like this. I could hang out here all day long."

Who was your favorite Seminole teammate?

"I had a bunch of friends; Deion Sanders, William Floyd, Dexter Carter. Deion and I used to do battle, but when he came over to the 49ers it was a great experience. There is a lot of tradition around here. It's just great to be in the stadium."

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