Walk-on of the Week Eli Charles

Many fans wonder what it is like to walk-on to a program like Florida State. Why even take the toughest route possible to the Florida State team? Walk-on defensive end Eli Charles explains his experiences and reasons for walking on to a prestigious program.

One of the most under rated players at Florida State is Eli Charles. As a walk-on, Charles contributed to a thin defensive line midway through the season. NoleDigest.com caught up with Charles to see how things are going over the summer.

Florida State recruits the most elite players year in and year out but, one of the most difficult tasks to accomplish at Florida State is to walk-on to the football team. Eli Charles did just that.

"Walking on is great. FSU has a lot of tradition and prestige with Bobby Bowden here. Just coming here to try and make a name for yourself is a privilege," Charles told NoleDigest.com.

Coming out of high school Charles did not have any solid big time offers on the table.

"I wanted to go to a big time school like Florida State. I had the grades so I decided to walk on," he said.

Not only does he excel on the field but, Charles has been working hard in the weight room. When asked about the new conditioning programs he said, "Change is good. Both programs were aiming towards the same thing but, the new one takes a different approach."

Over the off-season Charles has gained some weight, but not as much as he would have liked.

"I'm up to about 225, but I would like to be 235. However I did get much quicker and stronger in the off season," he said.

Many would think that being a walk-on would motivate Charles to push himself in the weight room.

"My family," he says. "I have two brothers that came here. My mother came from Haiti to give me an opportunity like this."

Other than the season opener, Charles is looking forward to the Florida game, "Growing up in Florida it was always the biggest game of the year that everyone in the state always waited for."

Is Eli Charles ready for the season mentally and physically?

"Yep. I'm ready," he said.

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