Harry Adams Q & A

Noledigest caught up with the Dillard High School star. Adams lists his top schools and summer plans.

Nate Greer: How is recruiting going for you right now?
Harry Adams: It's going good. Everything is alright right now.

NG: Recently you have done updates stating a top 5. Have there been any changes to that list?
HA: I actually have a top 4 right now. In order it's Minnesota, Florida, Florida State and Auburn.

NG: What about each of these programs stands out to you?
HA: Well, right now I am looking to get out of the state of Florida. I want to meet new people and I like their program. Florida and Auburn are kind of the same where nothing really sticks out other than the fact that I have been hearing from their coaches for a while now. Also, a lot of players from my high school have gone on to play at Auburn. With Florida State, I just started hearing from them a week ago. I want to run track also in college, and a lot of kids from Florida go on to do that there.

NG: Who are your hearing from at FSU?
HA: Coach (Jimbo) Fisher has been contacting me. Like I said, I just started hearing from FSU.

NG: What are your plans for the rest of the summer?
HA: My coach doesn't want me to stand out from the rest of the team and be a distraction. I want to be a team player. I am not going to Friday Night Lights or the Seminole Showcase. I am just doing stuff with my team. Today we have a 7-on-7 at my school against Hallandale, I believe.

NG: As a player who is relatively new to football, what are some of the things that make you a standout and some of the things you need to work on?
HA: When I get the ball in my hands, I can do stuff with it. That's where I excel. I really need to work on my route running. Routes like comebacks and stuff like that I need work.

NG: What are your most recent track times?
HA: I run just the 100. I run a 10.28. I ran the 40 at 4.21 at the Dolphins bubble stadium recently.

NG: What are some of the things that you are looking for in a school?
HA: It comes down to a school that is going to be there for me and help me get my degree. I want to major in sports broadcasting and maybe one day work for ESPN.

**Harry Adams reports that he is 6' tall and 179 lbs. He is planning official visits later this year. Stay tuned to NoleDigest for further updates on this Florida burner.

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