Feldman answers questions for Noledigest

Bruce Feldman from ESPN the Magazine and ESPN.com answered questions from posters for Noledigest. Bruce is the author of his new book Meat Market: Inside the Smashmouth World of College Football Recruiting.

From Nate Diggy- Jimbo Fisher has a history of pretty quick turnarounds at the QB position. Do you think the same can be done for Drew Weatherford and Xavier Lee? Along with solid line play, what do you expect from FSU with improved QB play?


Bruce Feldman-  I think Fisher was a great addition for FSU, but maybe more important was bringing in Rick Trickett who I think will solve the thing that had been really hurting FSU for the past few years, a soft OLine. I believe as they get better up front and can manage a running game to support the QBs, both Lee and Weatherford should become a lot more consistent.



From ChampioNole- Do you think that the way ESPN celebrates guys like Barry Bonds is irresponsible? Did you also think that is was irresponsible to keep Michael Irivn on the air so long?


Bruce Feldman-    Bonds is tricky subject. He is still playing and is poised to break the most storied record in all of sports. You can't just ignore that.  

To me there are plenty of subjects I think get waaaay too much play on TV (T.O., Kobe's trade demands or non-demands, T.O., and yes, steroids) Bonds is part of that but it still feels pretty murky.  

I wasn't a big fan of Irvin's on TV, but a lot of people seemed to be interested in him and he was, for better or worse, entertaining. He was pretty over the top in his commentary. I do think he was pretty good on the Best Damn show though.


From Drallig9399- Why is it acceptable to rank teams based on their records and not who you think is better?

 Bruce Feldman- I think it's important to go by on what happened rather than some writer or coach's opinion. I but that old adage ‘you are what you are,' and that means if you're a 3-3 team regardless of what the pre-season magazines say or how good your team's supposed to be or how many four-star recruits you've got shouldn't matter. Wake Forest beat a lot of teams I don't think they are better than last year and they deserve to be ranked higher.


From ktbfsu- bruce-what is the airspeed of an unladen swallow?

Bruce Feldman- 20 mph?



From PhxNole2000- Who will win the ACC? Big 10? Big 12? SEC?


Bruce Feldman-I'll play a hunch and say VT in the ACC, although given the emotional off-season they've had there it's very tough to predict if they will be able to sustain the pace of the season after that opener. Michigan in the Big Ten (PSU is my sleeper there though.) LSU in the SEC and Texas in the Big 12.





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