Noledigest Roundtable Part Two

McKinley Rolle, Charles Fishbein, Nate Greer, and Dave Peters all discuss different topics all related to recruiting. Topics ranging from EJ Manuel, the NCAA, and the 2007 recruiting class will be discussed.

Is the NCAA policing the recruiting process properly?


McKinley Rolle-I think the NCAA could do a better job than what they are currently doing in regards to academic standards for prep players. I do not understand how a prospect could get into an "elite school" without passing core classes in high school.



Charles Fishbein- This is a tough question to answer. Personally, I think there are too many rules. When you start limiting ways for colleges to reach prospects by text messaging and calling them during certain parts of the year you open yourself up for schools to bend or break the rules.


Dave Peters- It's hard for me to say because I've never seen things from the NCAA side of the fence.  However, I do think the texting ban is a good thing for the recruits.  The prospects will no longer be woken up to Urban Meyer's garbage anymore:)

Nate Greer- Overall, I would say yes. There are still instances where stuff happens and it seems to get swept under the rug. Rules are rules, correct? Nick Saban and his trip down to the Miami area a few months ago was no accident. It was no accident that he "bumped" into these players. But I am also not naive enough to feel that this is an isolated incident.

But the NCAA really clamped down after the whole Willie Williams fiasco. Since then recruiting has become a lot more regulated and put things somewhat on a level field. Some rules are followed by all of the schools, like flight and meal on trips. In that regard, the NCAA has taken control of the free-wheeling parties that got Colorado in a world of trouble.


            The new thing is text messaging. The NCAA needs to decide if they are going to ban it. This is a way for the coaches to cheat the system. Everyone knows this. I know for a fact that it also annoys the heck out of some of these kids. Recruiting in that aspect is becoming quite expensive for these kids. Phone bills and changing phones and numbers is not cheap.

Part of the recruiting process that I feel doesn't get enough discussion is the qualifying aspect. Sure, the NCAA shut down these correspondence schools like University High in Miami recently, but it's now going on-line. Some kids need to be thoroughly looked at by the NCAA clearinghouse. Kids getting chances to make up for freshman and sophomore laziness is wrong. I don't see the Average Joe awarded that opportunity when he is trying to get into college.



Who from the FSU 2007 recruiting class will redshirt or should redshirt and why?          


McKinley Rolle-It is very difficult to come in and play right away out of high school on the collegiate level. Many players need time to develop physically, mentally, and socially. The Myron Rolle's, Andre Smith's, Sam Young's of the world are few and far between. With that being said, I believe that FSU will have 6-7 players who will earn immediate playing time from the 2007 recruiting class. Antwan Greenlee, Dionte Allen, Kendall Smith, Brandon Paul, Jonathan Hannah, Rodney Hudson, and Maurice Harris will all play. Coach Trickett thinks very highly of Greenlee and Hudson. Dionte was one of the best cornerbacks in the country as a senior in high school. Jonathan Hannah might start in the season opener against Clemson because FSU must replace Brandon Warren (transferred out after the season) at tight end. Smith looks like a machine and I believe he will work his way up the depth chart once two a days start. Harris will be a special team's player in his first year at FSU. Everyone else will most likely redshirt and that's not including Brian Coulter or Shawn Powell. 



Charles Fishbein- First let me say there are very few kids that are physically or mentally ready to play college football. You may have your rare occasions like a Reggie Bush, Sean Taylor, Antonio Cromartie, Ernie Sims or Myron Rolle that can handle playing as true freshman but they are not the norm. There are just too many things for freshman to worry about. College playbooks, school work, adjusting to college life are just a few of the things that these guys have to worry about.

Who from this class will see early playing time? My guess is that guys like Antwan Greenlee, Burt Reed, Brandon Paul, John Hannah, Kendal Smith and Dionte Allen will see the field this year. Pretty much everyone else should take a red-shirt.

 Dave Peters- I feel Bert Reed and Dionte Allen should both redshirt and the reason has nothing to do with their talent.  There's plenty of depth at their respective positions and it would be a huge plus from them to get bigger before they get thrown to the fire.

Nate Greer- First, we all know that Shawn Powell, the kicker from Rome, GA, is taking a greyshirt. We also have learned that Jamar Jackson has torn his ACL, thus requiring a redshirt. That is a kid I expected to see on the field this year for FSU.

         I think the majority of the offensive line commitments will take a redshirt this year. Of the group, I think Antwane Greenlee and Rodney Hudson will play. The offensive line for FSU lacks depth, and these two kids seem to be the Trickett types. I feel A.J. Ganguzza, Anthony Grosso, Zach Hillery, Jatavious Jackson and Will Furlong are kids for the future, but need time to get bigger and stronger.

            Cameron Wade is a redshirt kid if I have ever seen one. He has been impressive in drills, but the kid is very lanky. If he is going to be like Greg Carr, he needs to take a year and dedicate it to the weight room. I feel the other skill position players, Bert Reed, Brandon Paul and Taiwan Easterling play this year. I feel these 3 can contribute on special teams and in 4 receiver sets, especially in the slot. I expect Paul to be on the kick return team. The kid is dynamite with the ball in his hands. The same goes for Reed. Jonathan Hannah must come right in and contribute. There is no redshirting for him.


            Defensively, FSU has already lost Brian Coulter to academics. When and if he makes it back is still up in the air. He was a kid that the coaches depended on coming in and playing immediately. Out of the 3 linebackers FSU signed, I feel Aaron Gresham and Maurice Harris take a redshirt. Gresham is a kid that needs to grow and get bigger. He is the classic depth guy FSU has always had. I think Harris takes a redshirt because he is kind of a tweener. Is he a linebacker or a safety? Now that FSU has landed a bunch of 2008 safeties, I think he is relegated to becoming an OLB. At around 190 pounds, he needs to sit and workout. I do feel that Kendall Smith, the top linebacker in Florida last year, will see the field. He is the classic hyped Nole freshman who comes in and makes plays on special teams. I think it depends on how the injured linebackers come back if Smith sees time at linebacker. He is talented enough to jump some kids on the depth chart. FSU signed 2 defensive backs last year in Dionte Allen and Bernard Brinson. I am up in the air on these 2 right now. I think Allen is going to be special, and I think Brinson was slept on last year. I don't want to see them have a year wasted because the depth at corner is fantastic. Do they play special teams? Is Brinson a sleeper for the return team? Is Allen talented enough to join?


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