Where are they now: Kez McCorvey Part One

Noledigest had the great opportunity to catch up with the former Seminole great. Kez McCorvey discusses what he is currently doing, his experience at FSU, his opinion of some FSU recruits that he's worked with and his outlook on the program.

How was the Seminole Showtime?

Kez: It was cool, man. It was real good for the young guys, good for the older guys to get together. It was more of an outreach from the old guys to the young kids.

What is the Titus Sports Academy and how did you get involved?

Kez: I got involved in 2000. I started working for myself. After I got done playing I wanted to still be apart of athletics in some way. I wanted to teach what I have learned in my experiences at the highest level of achievement. The main guys are me, Dave Tuttle, who is a strength coach and who has worked with Texas and Colorado and Adam Faurot, who played baseball at FSU. That is my crew of guys who helps me train these kids get better. James Coleman, the former FSU fullback, also helps me out. We travel around teaching coaches how to utilize their equipment to get the best out of their players. We teach coaches and players different techniques to get better as individuals and as a team. We also have a program in Leon County going called the Champions Program. It's at the high schools and TCC and FAMU. We just teach athletic development.
What are the goals of the academy?

Kez: We really just work on the development of youth. We start out at a young age, and walk them through the process of becoming a great athlete. We want these kids to start young so they can develop at a young age. We have different programs for different age levels. We go as young as 6 years old. the goals of the kids are based on where they are in their lives. A junior high kid is going to be different that a kid who is in college trying to get into the pros. We work with so many different forms of athletes all over, from California, New York, Jacksonville, and Tallahassee...just a lot of places. We have worked with motor-cross stars, baseball players like Brian Henry, to Ernie Sims, Antonio Cromartie and Anquan Boldin. We want to take an athlete and make them become their best.
        As a company we bring expertise. We get the most benefit dealing with younger kids. We get these kids to participate at a high level. Some of the kids we get are kids that just want to be apart of the team. Others are high-level kids that want to make it to the next level. We work with kids who aren't good and get them to their highest level.

Can you speak on your time at FSU as a player?

Kez: Looking back, it was great being apart of the team. When I was there it was expected that FSU won. It was a given we would. But the best time I had when I was there was the practices. I remember when I first cam in there. I had 3 of the top defensive backs in the nation come in with me: Clifton Abraham, Corey Fuller and Corry Sawyer. I remember going against them in practices and beating them. After that I called myself the best defensive back in the nation (laughs). Really, I loved going there. I miss the practices. I hated them then, though.

How was it playing for Bobby Bowden?

Kez: I will tell you this. He hasn't changed a bit. Not one bit. When I first got there I was like, man, this guy does nothing. Then I'd start getting this little post-it notes in my locker about what I was doing wrong. I was like, man, he is watching. Just the character of the man; the way he deals with the players is great. As I became an adult I really appreciated the things he did for me. He helped me and the other players do things the right way. No one can match the character of the guy.

Why did you choose FSU coming out of high school?


Kez: I chose FSU because they were the first team to show me interest. I went to camp there and fell in love with everything. It was the first school I went to. The campus and the program were great. I am not sure if you know about this, but I grew up with Terrell Buckley. We went to the same school and played together. He went there a year before I did. After that they didn't have to do too much to get me. I was always a Nole, one from the get go. I went to the camp and won a scholarship.

Speaking of recruiting, you have worked with some FSU recruiting targets this year. Can you discuss that?


Kez: I have worked with Jamie Harper some. That kid has some overall capability. He is super-strong and powerful. He is so fast and so explosive. When he jumps at a basketball rim, his hand is 9 inches above it. That shows just how explosive the kid is. In the weightroom he is amazing. I wish FSU could get him, but whatever school gets him is going to be getting a great asset.

       I have also worked with Jermaine Thomas from First Coast some. We did some stuff in the weightroom. People are going to be surprised about him. The amount of muscle this kid has is impressive. These kids now-a-days have the bodies of grown men. Really, the opportunity to work with athletes and the community, helping guys get to where they want to be, is great for me.

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