Where are they Now: Kez McCorvey Part Two

Noledigest had the great opportunity to catch up with the former Seminole great. Kez McCorvey discusses what he is currently doing, his experience at FSU, his opinion of some FSU recruits that he's worked with and his outlook on the program.

How was your time in the NFL?


Kez: (chuckles) Well, I got drafted in 1995 by the Detroit Lions. I played some my rookie year and was able to contribute. Then after that I tore up my foot pretty good. Being a receiver who was quick and explosive and shifty, that injury took that all away from me. After I healed up I went to the World League for a bit. Then I cam back and went to Canada. See, in Canada, if you are good they don't make you practice everyday. So, I was able to come and lead the league in touchdowns. Then, I tore my ACL. I decided then that my body had enough injuries and it was time to just move on.


How often do you make it back to FSU?


Kez: Man, I used to be there all the time. I used to live in Tallahassee. I used to be a mainstay there at the school. Now, I just get there about every 3 weeks. I am sure they got sick of my face, but I was not going to stop coming there.


What do you think of the coaching changes at FSU?


Kez: It's positive. They are good changes. I spoke to Jimbo at length. He knows what needs to be done. They have the athletes to make plays. Getting first downs and moving the chains is so important. Getting as many first downs and yardage is key. Fisher is a guy who can help both the running and passing game. He gets that it takes first downs and getting yardage and knows how to get his playmakers the ball. This will help the defense and help the team win. All of the new offensive coaches are great assets to the university.


What are your expectations for FSU this year?


Kez: I consider myself an ambassador to the school. It's hard for me to sit here and say that the team sucks. I used to say lets circle the wagons and go full speed. Now, this team is going in the right direction. It is a reality now. They have the athletes there, the program and the coaches to get it done. I really expect FSU to do well this year. I see 1 or 2 losses for them and beating Virginia Tech in the ACC Championship game.

       Virginia Tech is going to be a good team this year. But, I think FSU has the coaches now. The coaches now have higher concepts on what needs to be done. I think that's where they get Virginia Tech. I think the athletes are the same. The coaches need to get the players to play at a high level and execute. I think they will get that done this year.


Have you ever thought about getting into coaching?


Kez: You know, I have. I've been married for 13 years now and I have 4 kids. Being a coach has its positives and negatives. The positives are that I would get a chance to work with the youngest kids. The negatives are that coaching is 24/7. You are not only a coach, but you are a counselor, a ride home; you just have to do so much. Maybe down the road it is something that I will consider. Maybe it will be apart of the next phase of my life.


How was it being apart of the "Wide Right" era?


Kez: Thanks, I needed to be reminded of that. But seriously, it was fun. Whatever happens happens. We were apart of the "Big 3". No one can say that. No one can make the claim in the nation that they can hang with the athletes they have. It was an honor to be apart of college football history. That rivalry was special. We would have loved to be on the winning side, but it was honor to be apart of that. When you think of "Wide Right", you think of FSU-Miami.


How special was it winning Bowden's first National Championship?


Kez: The ride was awesome. But at the end it was kind-of disappointing. The performance was over. We wanted to do it all over again. Again, again and again. It was exciting to win, but the ride was over for some of us. It was a special time.


What are you up to now?


Kez: My family and Titus take up a lot of my time. I have been doing a lot for Titus. I am also on the state board for physical fitness. This state has an epidemic with young kids and obesity. I want to help out with that. I am excited to be apart of something that can help these kids improve their lifestyles and make changes for the better.

       Before I go, can I tell you the Kez McCorvey story? Gotta minute? I was in high school and I got the survey from FSU. I got real confident. I had people telling me I was going to be the best ever. I believed it. I got lazy, I went to an FSU camp and ran a 4.9 forty. I was so embarrassed. I said then, I would never do that again. I went home and started working out. My parents went on a vacation; I didn't go. I told my girlfriend at the time she was a distraction to me. I worked so hard that I had little laundry. There were actually times where I would be in my room, in drawers and sneakers, working out. I went back to an FSU camp. Mickey Andrews came up to me and said, "Kez, you going to get down in a 3 point stance?" I got down in my receiver position and ran the fastest 4.4-4.5 forty you'd ever seen. The camp had the number one receiver and defensive backs there. I ripped those guys up. After the camp, the coaches came up to me and said, "Kez McCorvey, you have a scholarship offer to FSU if you want it." The rest is history.


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