5 Star E.J. Manuel Update

Noledigest had the opportunity to catch up with the strong armed star. E.J. discusses the Elite 11, what game he will most likely take an official visit to, and what recruits he's currently talking with.

How was your experience at the Elite 11 Camp?

EM: It was awesome man. I had a really good time. I met all of the standout quarterbacks this year and became friends with all of them. The scenery in southern Orange County was amazing. Meeting and working with Joe Montana and Jeff Blake, two great ones, was awesome and a learning experience. Being sponsored by Nike and EA Sports, man we got a lot of cool stuff. My favorite was doing the chalk talks with Bob Johnson.

What aspects do you feel you learned that will make your game better?

EM: The chalk talk with Bob Johnson was it for me. It taught me how when I watch videos or games what to look for. We talked about how to beat different coverages with specific routes, and the difference between coverages overall. That was a great chance for me to learn. At my school we don't really do that that much, it is more like learning on the field. Also Coach Johnson gave me some pointers throwing the ball. I wrote it all down and I am going to take it to my coaches so we can work on it so I can continue to improve.

How do you think you did overall?

EM: I think I did very well. One thing I would take back is the accuracy drill at the end. I thought it was just for fun so I didn't take it serious and just went thought the motions. I didn't know that they were putting the results on the internet. It was an easy drill, but I was relaxed. Other than that, I did great.

What were your impressions of the other kids?

EM: All 12 of us did well. It was a good mixture of different types of quarterbacks. You had the scramblers like Star Jackson and the drop back passers like me and Blaine Gabbert. Everyone really impressed me.

What are your plans for the rest of the summer?

EM: Two-a-days starts Wednesday, so I am going to do that. There are no more visits to camps or anything. It's time to get to work on winning the state championship.

Have you made a decision on when you will officially visit FSU?

EM: I have told the coaches the Miami game. It is not 100% official, but I think it is just about there. I will be there for that game either way. It's a big game and there are going to be a lot of recruits there.

Have you made a decision on the All-Star game you're playing in?

EM: Yes, sir. I chose the ESPN game because it is new. It is a totally new game and I want to engrave my name into that game as one of the firsts there. This is a good chance working with ESPNU. ESPN is big time. There are going to be a lot of great recruits there, especially Julio Jones. I want to work with him and throw him the ball so he can see what it would be like with me at FSU as his quarterback the next 4 years. 

Finally, you still recruiting kids for the Noles?

EM: Yeah, whatever Coach Lilly gives me I try to help. I have been in contact with Tyler Love before he committed to Alabama, Deion (Walker), Matt Patchan, Keith Wells, Patrick Johnson, TJ Bryant, Will Hill, Josh Jenkins and Melvin Ray. Some of these guys I have become friends with. But I want to help the coaches get these kids to join the family.

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