Brandon Thompson Update

Brandon Thompson is one of the best defensive tackles in the country. Florida State is actively recruiting the Thomasville star. Noledigest had the opportunity to catch up with Brandon's father, George Thompson, to discuss his son's recruitment.

What were Brandon's thoughts on Seminole Showtime?

GT: It went pretty well. He performed well. The coaches told him a few things he needs to work on. He really enjoyed it, working with Coach Haggins and Corey Simon. I liked that aspect. It was a great opportunity for him.

Where is Brandon at in terms of recruiting?

GT: There are still 5 schools right now: Clemson, FSU, Miami, Georgia Tech and either Alabama or Georgia. But, he really wants to visit LSU and Ohio State. He didn't go to LSU's camp, so they may not let him visit, but he wants to. If they let us we will. Folks send us a lot of stuff, but we are only responding to the written offers. Those are the schools we want to visit and see.

Who is recruiting him from FSU?

GT: The name of the other coach slips my mind right now, but Coach Haggins has told us he is taking over Brandon's recruitment. We hear from FSU everyday.

What about the Noles interests Brandon?

GT: The coaches and the facilities. The coaching staff there is now one of the best in the nation; they are an awesome staff. FSU is doing a pretty good job recruiting Brandon. We cannot take anything away from FSU in terms of recruiting.

Are any schools sticking out right now?

GT: I'd truly like to say he's leaning towards Clemson, but he hasn't seen LSU yet. After Clemson I would say it's Georgia Tech. There is an academic guy at Clemson that really sold me. What cannot be forgotten is that Brandon is in the National Honors Society. As parents we want them to see the pros can cons of everything, but they are kids, we have to remember that. We want to make sure he thinks everything through.

What are Brandon's strengths and weaknesses?

GT: Brandon is strong as an ox. He is quick off of the ball. He has an explosive first step. All of the coaches recruiting him like that about him. We have been working on his speed. At the Georgia Tech camp he ran a 4.8 at 6'2" and 293 pounds. Early in the year he ran a 5.2, but it was 20 degrees. We knew he was better than that and that that wasn't a fair assessment. His footwork needs to get better and he is a bit tight in the hips. We are working on those and those are things that can get better when college coaches get a hold of him.

Is Brandon taking any other unofficial visits?

GT: Like I said, we want to check out the schools who are interested in us. I never really knew how expensive this stuff is. Schools like LSU, Ohio State, South Carolina are all schools we want to check out. Some schools he might have to take officials to.

So what is the plan on a decision? Is he going to commit and still take visits?

GT: I was hoping he'd end this thing by the end of July, but that is tomorrow (Tuesday). We want to make sure we see the schools giving Brandon the effort to recruit him. If they are working, we will visit. Our plans are to try and visit all of the schools then make a decision. We are going to sit down as a family and decide. His mother and I don't want to travel far to see him, so that is important. Wherever he is going to perform well and be a good student is good for us. Schools like Clemson and Miami and Georgia Tech have really sold academics. That is important. So is the football aspect.

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