Holloway's time to shine

One big surprise coming out of the spring practice was the starting fullback. Many Seminole fans expected last year's starter Joe Surratt to get the starting nod but, when the depth charts were released, a new face emerged as the starter. Seddrick Holloway was penciled into the #1 spot and Noledigest.com caught up with Holloway to see how the off season is going.

Seddrick Holloway is no stranger to the Tallahassee area. Holloway attended local powerhouse Lincoln High School. Although he has moved on from his high school he still keeps in touch with team mates in town and around the country. "We still talk all the time and whenever they are in town they come over and hang out" says Holloway. Another plus of playing in the same town is that family and friends get to see him play every Saturday. Holloway tells Noledigest.com "It's great and exciting. My mom gets to see me play every weekend along with all my friends who are still in town. I love it".

            Last year Holloway walked on to campus with a completely different coaching staff and involved with a different system. As a freshman, he saw time on special teams and working hard in practice. A major change has happened since this time last year. Currently Holloway is listed as the starting fullback. Holloway explains how he feels about being listed #1 on the depth chart "I'm excited. It's a great opportunity just to be out on the field never mind the starting fullback position. I just need to secure the position by working hard in the weight room and also working hard at practice. I need to show them I'm the #1 guy". Another change Holloway has faced this year has been a new coach. "Coach Carter is real straight forward about everything.  He lets you know how he wants things done. One thing I learned from him is just to give your best effort in everything you do." Along with a new coach comes a new system. Rumors around the program this year has the offense focusing more on the run opposed the usual pass heavy Florida State offense. "It's like being a freshman all over again. But I'm learning and I feel comfortable." Stay tuned for Noledigest.com for daily updates on the fullback competition.

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