5 Star WR Corey Surrency Update

Florida State is in the mix for several top wide receivers this year. Corey Surrency is one of those prospects. Noledigest caught up with the five star receiver to discuss his thoughts on FSU, when he might visit, and his top two schools.

How is recruiting going for you at this time?

CS: It's good, but it is kind of in slow motion. Right now there are no major moves. It is still FSU and LSU for me.

How many offers are you at?

CS: I have a solid 7 right now. A school that has really been on me lately is West Virginia. They have been texting me like crazy. They say they have immediate playing time and all of that. The only school that could ever get in front of FSU and LSU is USC. I love that place. I love Coach Carroll.

Can you talk about FSU and why you are interested in them?

CS: It's Florida State. Their tradition speaks for itself. They have the new offensive coordinator, and of course there is Bobby Bowden. I was talking to my parents and my father really wants me to go to Florida State so he can travel to my games. My mom is not much of a traveler, but my dad is. I like that it is close to home.

What about LSU is keeping them in the race?

CS: LSU has top facilities. Their football team is always competing for championships and they always send guys to the NFL. They had 2 1st round receivers this past year. That is a statement.

What coaches at FSU do you hear from?

CS: Honestly, I have been going through a middle man who has been handling the recruitment for me. He keeps me level-headed through this whole process. He is like my mentor, so he holds a lot of weight with me.

When are you visiting FSU?

CS: I am actually on my way home to Miami right now. I was going to stop by for an unofficial, but I am going to call the coaches and tell them I am not coming because I haven't seen my family since last December. I want to spend the two weeks I have with them. I do plan on taking a visit to FSU and LSU. I have an off-week October 7th, and I am available for a visit October 19th. I am not sure yet when I will go.

When do you think you will make a decision?

CS: I am going to wait until after these two visits. I wanted to commit early and get it out of the way, but it is not working that way. So now I am going to sit and be patient and wait until the time is right.

What are your goals for this upcoming year?

CS: I am going to break out big time this year. I am trying to raise some eyebrows. I plan on having a bigger year than Kayne Farquharson did last year. He is my boy, but I am trying to do better. We have talent this year on our team, so I may not get a ton of opportunities. Teams I go against better double me, but I think I can beat them.

What aspects of a school are you looking for?

CS: I really want to go to a school that is football crazy. I am a fan of football, and I really like being around fans that are. I want to be in a football town. I have heard a lot that FSU is like that; I want to check that out for myself. I like that kind of atmosphere. I have been to USC's practice a few times and it is crazy. Just seeing the fans and everything, I like it. Things like the program itself and education will also play a part.

You are new to football, so what are a few strong points and a few things you need to work on?

CS: Before last year I never stepped foot on a football field. Last year was my first year of playing organized football. I didn't play in high school or anything. I went to JUCO and now my life is heading down the right path. I think that I have ideal height being 6'4". I have great hands. I have good body control in the air getting the ball. I am a hell of an athlete. As a new receiver, I need to work on my release at the line of scrimmage. Also, my routes aren't bad, but I need to work on those.

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