Robert Quinn visits FSU

Florida State has a huge need at the defensive end position this year. Robert Quinn is one the best defensive line prospects in the country this year. Noledigest had the opportunity to catch up with Quinn after his visit to Tallahassee. Read on for more.

What time did you arrive at FSU?


My father, younger brother and I arrived on Saturday at noon and stayed until 8.



Who did you meet with when you arrived?  


The first coach that we met with was Coach Lilly. Then Coach Lilly took us to meet Coach Bowden. Coach Bowden was actually supposed to go on a trip but he postponed his trip to meet with me and my family.



How was the meeting with Coach Bowden?


Coach Bowden is a great guy. He seemed very straightforward, laid back and very honest. People were telling me don't go to FSU because Coach Bowden won't be there. Coach Bowden told me "I'm not going anywhere anytime soon."



Who else did you meet with at FSU?


We also met with the strength and conditioning coach. Everyone was on vacation. So we spent a lot of time with Coach Lilly and Coach Bowden.



What other schools have you visited?


I have been to Auburn, Rutgers, Maryland, Alabama, FSU, and Florida. My next visit will be to North Carolina.



How would you compare your visits between FSU and UF?


Both trips were equal. I got to watch practice at Florida though.



Talk about your upcoming senior season


We started practicing last week. It's going really well. We are switching to a 3-4 defense this year. I am playing outside linebacker and defensive tackle. I prefer playing defensive end.



What did your dad think of the visits?


My dad wasn't saying much. He was soaking it all in like a sponge. We will sit down and evaluate the visits later.

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