Keith Wells Update

On Friday, August 10th, Keith Wells will be announcing his decision on which college he is going to attend. NoleDigest was able to catch up with him as the time grows near to discuss his final 3, if FSU made the cut, his press conference schedule, and his plans for the rest of his senior season.


So you have made a decision. What school made your final 3?

KW: FSU, Florida and Auburn. I like FSU because when I went there, it felt like everything was right. When I got there I told them that this visit was my last, and I wanted to see everything. I made sure of that. That visit just blew mw away. Florida, I like the coaches and they won the National Championship last year. I like how Auburn uses their ends in their defense, whether it's coming off the edge up or with my hand down. There is a school that I feel most comfortable with, and they are my leader, but I am not saying until I announce.

When are you announcing?

KW: It is this Friday, the 10th. It is the first day of school, and we are having a press conference. I am going to announce between 12 and 1 pm.

Have you talked it over with your parents?

KW: They are comfortable with my decision, my mom especially. She feels the same about the school that I'm choosing that I do. She went on these visits with me. We have compared all of the visits and made a conclusion.

How firm is your decision going to be?

KW: It is going to be 100%, a solid verbal. I will more than likely take only one official. I say that because I have already spoken to the coaches about if the school I choose has an away game, I may want to go see another game. But no one will be able to change my decision.

What are your plans after the decision is announced?

KW: I just want to work hard and help the young guys on my team. I am just focused on my season. We started practice recently and are just getting into pads. Also, I am not playing basketball this year so I can workout and train for football. I want to make sure I get to 240. Right now I am 225 and not playing basketball should help me.

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