Walk on of the Week: Pat Davis

Noledigest.com's Walk on of the Week series continues with running back Pat Davis. Davis has been a member of the team for four years now and had some interesting things to say about his tenure at Florida State.

Pat Davis is an overlooked work horse on the Florida State team. Through out off season workouts and practice camp this week Davis has never showed signs of giving anything less than 100% on every drill and play. Although Davis is behind three scholarship players including former #1 tailback in the nation Antone Smith, this has not stopped him from working day in and day out. Making the team was only half the battle for Davis. Coming out of high school Davis was looked at programs such as Mississippi State and UConn. But late in his senior year the phone rang and this wasn't any other college program in the nation. "It's always been a dream. I've always wanted to come here. My uncle played here back in the day. I felt that once I got a phone call to walk on it was a no brainer" says Davis. That was just being told that he should walk on never mind the actual try outs. Davis tells Noledigest.com "It was a tough task. I really thought I could do it. Some people had doubts but, I knew I could do it."

An interesting fact about Davis is his relationship with quarterback Xavier Lee. Both have become great friends over the past few years. "He's my closest friend on the team. We lived together for a couple years. I guess you could say he's my best friend on the team" explains Davis. Many Seminole fans wonder what it's like to walk on to a position like running back at Florida State. Davis sheds light on his experience "Well it depends. Once you prove yourself as a walk on you started to get treated differently. That was always a huge thing to me. I knew I had to gain the respect of my team and coaches." And gaining respect he did, Davis is only one of a handful of walk ons that have the privilege of traveling with the team. What's Davis's goal for this year? "I just want to learn from Coach Carter on becoming a better overall running back."

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