Milestone decision for Keith Wells

4-star Defensive end Keith Wells has selected the Seminoles over Florida and Auburn. Read on for more.

One of the top players in the Southeast has picked the Seminoles over many national programs. "I decided to play my college ball at FSU" says Wells. When did you know that you wanted to become a Florida State Seminole? "I knew immediately as soon as I stepped foot on campus. It felt like a family. It was very special. I knew in my heart that's what I wanted to be apart of" adds Wells. Who was in charge of your recruitment? "Coach Allen recruited me. He's been very honest and upfront. Coach Allen told me that we sincerely want you here at Florida State. He also told me that there is an opportunity to play right away. I know that I have to come in and work hard but there is an opportunity for me" says Wells.

Keith discusses the recruiting process a little further. "I tried to stay grounded on all of my visits. I have been to some of the top schools in the country and I knew I didn't want to get caught in the hype. But when I visited FSU they blew me away 100%" adds Wells. Wells also talks more in depth about Florida State. "FSU is known to have a great defense. They are putting together a great class. They have a coach with the most wins in college football history. And this is where I want to be" adds Wells. Keith, are you finished with the recruiting process? Yes, this is a milestone in my life for me and my family. I wanted to make sure that I didn't go to a school that I wasn't comfortable at for the next four or five years in my life" says Wells.

*Keith isn't sure when he will make an official visit to FSU.

*Jason Higdon contributed to this story.

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