Everybody loves "Juice"

A shoulder injury last season forced Anthony Leon to take a redshirt. Over the course of the pre-season, Leon is looking to get back to his former self which was one of the best safety recruits in the country out of high school. Noledigest.com caught up with Leon to see how practices are going so far.

Anthony "Juice" Leon had high expectations coming into Florida State .Many Seminole fans hoped to see Leon to get some play time as a true freshman. Some of these expectations may have started at an early age. "Juice" got his nickname when he used to be a running back earlier in his football career. ""Back in the day I used to run the ball like OJ and the nick name juice came out of it" says Leon. The hope of him seeing the field as a freshman all changed during practice one day when he dislocated his shoulder. After taking a red shirt and going through the rehab process Leon is back to his usual form. "It feels real good I'm ready to hit stick somebody. I already got one in already this year" says Leon. On Wednesday afternoon running back Pat Davis took a carry up the middle only to meet Leon with a thud. After the play was over, members of the defense were jumping up and down. The big hit was not only his first big play of fall practices but, it was a sign that he was back and ready for an exciting year. While he took the red shirt and was limited because of the injury Leon took the time to improve his overall game. "In the off season I was just trying to get all the plays down and become more consistent in practice" explains Leon. So far the defense has looked good in practice by stopping the offense and laying some big hits. Leon tells Noledigest.com "We are getting to ball and we're hitting hard. We're getting ready and looking good out there."

Another improvement in the Seminoles defense this year has been the addition of former ‘Nole and all pro cornerback Terrell Buckley. Leon is like minded as Buckley. Both crave the big play. Buckley is part of an elite group of corners to achieve 50 interceptions in his career with several of them being touchdowns. Leon explains his thoughts of Coach Buckley "He's the man. It's an honor to get his assistance. He's a great Coach. He taught me it's about being in the right position and using the right technique. Look for me to lay some big hits, get interceptions, and make big plays". Not only is "Juice" getting used to his new Coach but he is also trying to defend Florida State's new offense. "There are a lot of things coming out you. We have Jimbo and we have the best offensive coaching staff in the country" says Leon. Look for "Juice" to see the field often this year and look out for him on special teams.

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