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Noledigest.com continues to look at key opponents camps who are on the Seminole schedule, including Clemson, Boston College, Miami and Florida.



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WHO'S HOT: Freshman tight end Brian Linthicum, who has pleasantly surprised tight ends coach Billy Napier with his size, conditioning and practices.

When the freshman arrived on campus, Napier thought he might be well behind the others at his position. But he's doing much better than anticipated. However, he's still way down the depth chart as one might expect.

WHO'S NOT: Sophomore Bandit Ricky Sapp, who has disappointed the coaching staff with his work habits on and off the field, which is one reason why as of now he's slated to play only 40 plays a game.

As one coach said, "He hasn't shown or proven that he can be the guy or that he wants to be."

QUICK HITS: Thursday marked the first two-a-day practice of fall camp. Word from the coaches is that the morning practice was very, very productive. … Head coach


Boston College-


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 Just like a Fox


    One mild surprise in the first week of camp has been the sight of redshirt freshman cornerback Chris Fox participating in drills.


    Fox suffered a rather gruesome injury in the spring game when his leg got rolled on, resulting in a broken fibula, a dislocated ankle and torn ligaments. Fox had to have a plate and eight screws inserted into the broken bone.


    "Yeah, it was real pretty looking," Fox said with a pained grin. "But it ended up not being too bad. I did it at the right time, if you have to get injured, and I was able to get back in time. I haven't had to miss anything yet."


    Fox wore a green jersey that injured players wear for the first couple of days and was able to get rid of that yesterday. Now he's ready to compete for playing time.


    "Now I can go full throttle," Fox said. . . .


    The offense was down a couple of running backs yesterday as Jeff Smith was wearing a red jersey on the practice field and L.V. Whitworth didn't even make it out to the field. "Nicked up," was the official word from Coach Jeff Jagodzinski.


    "But you know what that does? It gives other guys opportunities, and it creates depth for us," the coach said.


    Eagles slim down


    Some of the larger Eagles look noticeably trimmer this year, thanks to new strength and conditioning coach Jason Loscalzo's summer conditioning program. That's especially true for the two huge defensive tackles, B.J. Raji and Ron Brace, both of whom had been more than 340 pounds and are now down around 325.


    "Jason did a great job of training those guys over the summer. But those guys have not lost a bit of strength, they're quicker and they're not carrying around all that weight," Jagodzinski said. . . .


    The coach said his goal for the offense is to average 150 yards rushing and 250 yards passing per game.


    "That's the goal we have set, and that's a pretty balanced offense," he said. . . .




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Canestime August 9th Practice Report 



By Raul Tano

Posted Aug 9, 2007

The Hurricanes had their first full scrimmage today at Cobb Stadium.

The scrimmage consisted of four six-minute quarters and was the same format as the spring game. Half the team donned an orange game jersey, the other half a white one. Spectators got their first peak at the players wearing the new uniforms without the names on the back.

The players were on the field promptly at 7:50am (Many of them had been running or stretching beforehand). With the media watching, Coach Shannon came out on the field and instructed the players to sprint back to the locker room. The team did not return to the field until the media's designated time to spectate practice was over.

Coach Randy Shannon had good things to say after practice, but was hesitant to say he's getting a better idea of what the depth chart is going to look like.

"It's the first scrimmage," he said. "You know, we have two more scrimmages, we have a lot of practices in between. By then, we'll find out what happens."

Cook, Ponder Injured

Lovon Ponder hurt his leg and was on crutches last afternoon. Coach Shannon expected him to be ready for the opener against Marshall.

Glenn Cook suffered an undisclosed foot injury. Coach Shannon gave no timetable for return and was uncertain whether or not he'd need surgery.

"I don't know," Shannon said about the possibility of Cook needing surgery. "That's up to the doctors."


The quarterbacks alternated teams by half. Shannon said that both Kyle Wright and Kirby Freeman had a good scrimmage.

"Kirby made some good passes. He had good deep balls. Kyle was great. He was patient and didn't make any interceptions, didn't take sacks. You know what? Whoever can manage the game and get us to win games, that's who it's going to be. Both of them did a good job today."

During the scrimmage, Freeman threw a 60 yard touchdown pass to Sam Shields. It was the only passing touchdown of the day.

Kicking Game Inconsistent

Once again, the kicking game was inconsistent. Francesco Zampogna hit a field goal, and Darren Daly missed one.

"Some guys didn't get an opportunity to kick and we had a chance to make a kick and we missed it," Shannon said. "We're just going to keep going and it's going to be open time for those guys and we're hoping they'll do a good job."

Offensive Line

Shannon gave praise to the offensive line after practice.

"They did a great job," he said. "There were big plays in the passing game and some good runs. I was telling them that they aren't always going to dominate a whole game. They have to



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"I liked the effort today," head coach Urban Meyer said. "I think the offense did a really nice job today."

Both Brandon James and Chris Rainey had strong days at tailback, breaking long runs for touchdowns, which has Meyer smiling about his backfield for the first time in his two-plus years at Florida.

"A lot of it is that little Rainey kid squirting out of there," Meyer said. "He's a lot like Percy Harvin who can turn an 8-yard gain into a 60-yard gain like he did against FSU. That's some great speed and Rainey gives you some of that, Kestahn Moore, Brandon James those are three guys that have busted some runs already."

Meyer has been quite vocal about the backfield in his first two seasons with the Gators with most of his opinions being negative in nature. But he's had nothing but good things to say just one week into year number three.

"I probably shouldn't have done that," Meyer said about his past comments directed at the running backs. "I just get so upset with effort. If you struggle as a player, but give great effort, I'm okay with that. If you struggle because you give a lack of effort, and you have a bunch of people around you working real hard, it makes you kind of sick to your stomach. My first year at Florida, I was real sick to my stomach. Now they're working hard. I don't know how good they are, but they work hard."

Meyer has already said that safety Major Wright and defensive end Justin Trattou will play as true freshmen, but he's added Rainey to the list after his effort during the last two practices. And speaking of Wright, he became the first newcomer to lose his black stripe after the hit he laid on Rainey at the end of yesterday's workout.

"We went ahead and broke tradition," Meyer said. "That was unbelievable that hit. When I saw that, I had to show the team and take it off right there. That was as good as I saw."

Fall camp doesn't officially start until Friday, so it's a bit soon for newcomers to be losing their stripes, but Meyer made the exception anyway. As for Rainey, he looked good the day after the hit.

Center Woes

Yesterday could best be described as pitiful at times for the Gator centers. Both Drew Miller and Jim Barrie struggled to get the ball to the quarterback. Miller moved to center from guard in the off season and had some growing pains during the spring, but has looked solid until now. He had some problems again on Thursday.

"The job description of a center is to put it in between the numbers," Meyer said. "I'm fairly confident that we'll get that worked out. That's not uncommon this time of year. In a week from now, if we still have some problems than I'll look at other things."

Meyer did say that the best five linemen will play, which looks to include Jason Watkins and Carlton Medder.

"He's (Medder) one of the top-five," Meyer said. "The most improved lineman we have right now is Jason Watkins. Obviously, if Jason Watkins plays, then Carlton Medder is going to play inside. We'll make that decision soon, probably in about a week."


? After a meeting of the minds today at NCAA headquarters, it looks as if the text message ban is here to stay. Said Meyer, "I'd love to go and speak on behalf of the national champions, but other than you, nobody's asked me."

? After missing most of practice yesterday because of heat exhaustion, Bryan Waggener was once again calling signals on Thursday, and did a nice job. Said Meyer, "We have a nice little battle going at the backup quarterback spot. Johnny (Brantley) continues to come out firing. He's just one of those guys who has a tendency to complete passes."

·  Getting a push from the freshmen, defensive tackle, Javier Estopinan who has seen a good portion of career plagued with injuries, needs to get into form fast. Said Meyer, "Javier has been just okay. His effort's there, but he's just a little rusty. We just have to get him to the top of his game. He will be there."

? Riley Cooper had what Meyer called his best day on the practice field as a Gator. Said Meyer, "That was very encouraging." Cooper has been bothered with a sore foot since the spring.

? Two of the fastest guys on the team are experiencing some soreness. Said Meyer, "Percy (Harvin) has some tendonitis in his Achilles. Louis Murphy has some tendonitis in his knee. That's typical for the racehorses.

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