FSU Practice Saturday Photo Gallery

A couple photos from today's practice on Saturday morning.

Budd Thacker has improved since last year

De'Cody Fagg brings alot of experience this year

Another picture of Thacker

Greg Carr needs 10 TD Rec's to tie the FSU record

Big things expected this year from Antone Smith

Richard Goodman has been making plays at practice

Damon McDaniel benched 365 this summer

Senior wide receiver Joslin Shaw

Bert Reed catches a kick infront of Coach Carter

Some members of the defense

Brandon Paul and Preston Parker

Some wide receivers practicing ball drills

Two members of the secondary Tony Carter & Kenny Ingram

New Football S&C Coach Todd Stroud

Two players from NJ Myron Rolle and Michael Ray Garvin

Super quick Bert Reed

A look at all four quarterbacks

Patrick Robinson is a young talented player

Preston Parker catching a kick with Coach Bowden looking on

A look at "Old School" Rod Owens

Offensive lineman practicing techniques

Look for an aggressive & physical offensive team

Damon McDaniel sporting the new team slogan

Anthony Leon is getting more familiar with the D

Ochuko Jenije has changed his number to 15

Garvin is one of the fastest players in the country

The defensive line getting together at practice

Coach Dexter Carter giving instructions

Some defensive players looking on

Coach Dawsey talking with Coach Haggins

Greg Carr & Rod Owens walking out to practice

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