McDaniel is focused

One of the most overlooked wide receivers on Florida State's offense is Damon McDaniel. The former 4 star wide out is looking to make an impact this year. caught up with Damon to see how things are going.

The former Virginia Beach standout is no stranger to playing at an elite level. As a senior, McDaniel amassed over 1,500 yards receiving, a17 yards per catch average, and 26 touchdowns. Still McDaniel was not considered the best on his team. The receiver opposite of him, former Army All American, Percy Harvin was ranked one of the top players in the country. "We haven't really talked much. I'm focused and I'm trying to get all the plays down. I don't really have time to talk" says McDaniel. After going his own way after high school, McDaniel also saw action in a couple games as a true freshman. With a new coaching staff come new philosophies and techniques. Damon explains his experience with Coach Dawsey so far "He brings a new attitude to the receiver squad. He brings confidence and consistency. He just brings such a competitive nature." A big problem for the ‘Noles last season was their lack of ball security and run blocking. This year however Coach Dawsey brings a new focus to his receivers "Ball security drills. Lots of ball security drills. He is big on getting to the sideline and avoiding fumbles. He stresses a lot more blocking than last year too" explains McDaniel. Also after big plays, don't expect the ‘Noles to get any unsportsmanlike conduct penalties either. McDaniel tells "If there is one thing I learned from Coach Dawsey its let your actions speak for you. Don't go out and celebrate and talk about what you are going to do. Just go out there and show everyone what you can do."

Recently, arguably the greatest receiver of all time stepped foot on Florid State's campus. Jerry Rice helped coach the Seminole Showdown but, did Damon get to meet him? "Na, I didn't get the opportunity I wish I did." Along with learning plays and getting to know his new coaches McDaniel has also been improving his own game. "I've been focusing on watching the ball more and focusing on my routes. I'm big on blocking now too. I gotta block for my running backs" says McDaniel. Many Seminole fans were concerned when the summer started that McDaniel's foot would hinder his game this season however McDaniel assures his foot is 100% healthy and it will give him no problems. What can ‘Nole fans expect out of McDaniel this year? "Expect me to get there and make plays, big plays. Also expect me to make a quick and early impact" says McDaniel. Keep it tuned to ‘ as we follow Damon and the rest of the young receiving core.

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